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Development assistance and involvement in play... can not earn him special treatment. We must act objectively and identically for all, by applying to the letter the penalty prescribed by our rules and that, whatever the offending player.

Precisely so. No matter how good a person is or what they have contributed, special consideration cannot be given if one wishes to maintain any semblance of impartiality. While I will miss Lopyrech, I would much rather lose him than play a game where the rules are enforced unevenly.


Do not assume that you speak for all just because you are the loudest voice; there are many who disagree that simply have no desire to waste words on you.

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We just discovered that a Ryzom player exploited a flaw in our system, and was able to access our internal Support tools. He was recently able to cheat, removing all items from apartments and mektoubs on two of a player’s characters.

We were able to uncover him using our control system, and all his accounts are banned for life from Ryzom.


How did he do it?

The player was contributing to improving the game, and, for that. had an account with GM (Game Master) privileges on our “Yubo” test server. Some months ago, following a short technical incident, which was corrected some hours later, the “Yubo” accounts had access to Atys. This player took advantage of this incident to create a character on his “GM account”, on Atys. He used this character to access special WebIG technical support tools, although he was not able to connect to the Atys server. He was still able to read tickets, internal technical support notes, the inventories of many characters and guild halls, item statistics, and so on. (He was unable to access player’s personal information, whose access is restricted to SGMs). After looking at the information on boosted items that a player (Caellan / Diwlawen) was about to “sell” during an event, he connected to Caellan and Diwlawen, bought their apartments and freed those mekoubs containing the best quality items, pretending that this disappearance was a bug. We have at the moment no proof to confirm or deny any possible theft of the items, but we continue the inquiry.


What measures were taken?

For the player who cheated:

This is a double infraction: exploit over a long time, of a flaw which gave him access to an internal tool + theft of two accounts in order to take away some items of equipment from their owner. Each of these two infractions carries the penalty of a life ban from Ryzom servers.

In consequence, all the accounts of this player are banned for life.

For the player who was victim of the cheat:

The apartments and mektoubs of Caellan and Diwlawen have been restored, and the player got back all his items. A “yubo cuddle toy” will be offered to him in compensation.

For the security:

Ulukyn (Dev) has recoded the access system to Atys and WebIG, to replace it with a simpler but more secure system. So, even if a “Yubo” account is able to use a flaw to connect to Atys or WebIG, it will not be able to access to any “power” or critical applications.


In addition, inquiry continues to discover if there was any theft of items before the destruction of the apartments and mektoubs and if so, if there were or were not any accomplices.


What is the identity of the banned player?

It is Glorf/Lopyrech. Given that Lopyrech is a guild leader, the leadership of this guild was just left to one of his Higher Officers.

We remain at your service to answer your potential questions.

Best regards,

The Ryzom Team


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This post does not have to be, all that had to be said on the subject, was. I close this topic and it is formally forbidden to open another on the same subject.

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