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Below find Alric's Tutorial Le PVP in my insufficient English translation. I have marked my comments by [ .. (translator)] where I made some, mostly indicating that I was not sure about my wording.

Kindly proof read the text and IG-mail me about proposals for improvement. Preferably comment in this forum mainly about the contents of the tutorial.

[TUTORIAL] PvP for apprentices. by Alric 2014

The PVP (thanks to Kadalak & Stelfer for this huge tome p)

1. Rules for reputation.
2. The outfit.
3. The equipment.
4. The stanzas.
5. Heal Techniques.
6. Attack Techniques.
7. The auras, invu and regen.
8. Tips and tricks

1. Rules for the reputation of your guild:

In pvp, fairplay is the first thing you notice during combat. Most often, a PR announcing a battle is the event that makes you rise in the esteem of the opponent. Provocation, irony and insults (in a certain polite frame of mind) towards your enemies is much more appreciated than a simple "Let us tap on the mouth" even if it is the goal, must say.

Some examples of the Gardens:
[unfortunately, all imageshack stuff is gone, would be great if someone could provide the pics (translator]]

Here are a few examples. It makes everyone laugh, it's nice to do, and via that, we create a picture of people rp who are there for the game and not foolishly kill everyone. (This also prevents being ganked during hunting or forage because the other did not enjoy being killed savagely.)
Same when you encounter an enemy, and this is not your pvp moment, a small Rp of light provocation while explaining that there, you do not have time, it's always more fun.

2. The must-haves:

So this is the start of the beginning. The first and most important thing is knowing what to wear for neither too much to consume, nor to take too much in the head, and so to stay longer and get up faster.
The idea of "I am a healer so I wear light" no longer exists.
That of "I am a tank, the rest is not my business", it does not exist either.
Or, the fun case (in fact at that moment ... it's not funny) "Stam! Stam! Good bah I sit down to regen my stam ... " If that is the case, it means that the player has no guild or team anymore.

The set offering the best possible compromise is simple:
- Body, arm, gloves, shoes: Medium +1 dodge +1 parry with correct protection factor and slashing protection.
- Legs: Either medium pants with same stat, or a skirt for style + 20% protec minimum and +2 dodge, or best, the faction skirt.
- Heads: Without anything on the skull, a player is bent to receive arms' hits of 1200+ damage per strike. With a good helmet 0 dodge +2 parries minimum, the damage is considerably absorbed. [In addition, some stunning hits from tekorn weapons may be avoided (translator's remark)]
Info: A full medium equals to the number of penalties given by ONE piece of HA. In addition to the not insignificant dodging it brings, you should understand that the heavy is useless.

Dodging is preferable in all your craft, as well as the protection factor that comes second, followed by slashing and blunt protections. On the battlefield, 2hand axes, 1h swords with dagger, or 1h axes are very often present, hence the usefulness of this priority. Piercing protection against such as spears and spikes is useless in armour for the simple reason that the stanza ignore armor bypasses such protection.
Parry must be present at +1 on average, and at +2 Minimum on your helmet (a +3 would be the top of the top, put needs some boss mats in your recipes).

I will explain the difference between dodge and parry in the next chapter.

[h2]3. Equipment to be provided:[h2]

This chapter will be divided into two categories:
- Jewelry.
- Weapons and shields.

Jewelry: Certainly the set of pieces that allows a homin to remain upright for a long time. Good jewels protect from offensive magic, either by blocking it, or by reducing damage from 3000 to +/- 445 damage, as well as [usually affliction (the translator)] enchantments. It is imperative to make an adornment according to the offensive spells AND the enchants you want to block. Some will tank more easily and prefer an adornment with Desert max to block madness, while others are more at ease with amps, and will want an optimum defense to the field PRIMES not to be feared, for example.

The two styles of jewelry are:
Unbalanced: Either 3 domains with 304 resistance with low protection (0 to 30%) and two with 224 with optimal protection (65/70%), thus protecting the effects of offensive magic according to the spells of the three protected domains while allowing the spells of the two unprotected domains to pass, but limiting the damage considerably (average of 445 damage instead of 3000 ).
Example: Unbalanced Set DESERT LAKE PRIMES, it will protect from Fire, Cold, Shock, Rot, Acid to the maximum, and it will let Electricity and Poison pass to 445 damage per spell.
It will protect from the enchantments Madness, Blindness, Stun, Fear with efficiency, but it will often let pass Sleep, Slowdown of movement, Rooting and Slowdown of attack.
Balanced: The 5 domains will have an average of 270% resistances, and each protection will be in the vicinity of 35/40%.
Such jewelry passes almost 50% of the received spells to its wearer, usually causing 750 damage per spell. On the other hand, it can be useful for the protection against the enchantments, which makes it possible to destabilize the adversary because it does not find a "real" hole in the adornment.
Tip: Always prefer unbalanced sets. They allow for better efficiency in number of spells / points of life lost.
Prefer a DESERT LAKES PRIMES or JUNGLE FOREST PRIMES. These are the two most used.

For jewel crafters, test the recipes with Gubakoo, Rendoketh, Plodeketh, Armkoo for good results. However, you can find as many well performers with other bosses, you just have a look.
To have a perfect unbalance at 304 (not 275 as shown in the ID panel), the jewel must be +8 protection, and +8 resistances. With boost, you will have great performances.
[ link to imageshack stuff gone ]
Craft: ALWAYS used a rubbarn for any pvp equipment.

Let us now turn to arms and shields:
Well then, it's going to be a good dose of info to absorb. For good pvp, you need a 250 melee two hands, Pike, Axe, Mace and Sword in the respective order are preferable.
And at least a 200+ one hand weapon, because that allows for tremendous versatility, so you can tackle all kinds of targets with the right means.

The 2hand serves to remove the parry of the opponent, useful therefore on a heavy, or a player possessing a Shield +30 Parry (+34 boost). However, in front of a 1hand and buckler or dagger (+20 dodge), this is really not ideal as it will add on average +16 dodge to your enemy, and you will receive some hits personally ...
The 1main against a well protected person does not do enough damage, preferable therefore to take on people in light, to see special holding pvp possessing a fault [?? (translator)]. They can remove more than 30 dodges to the opponent.

For crafts, depending on your game method, always keep a 100/100 speed damage, and adapt dodge parade and adv for you. Remember that dodging once again is never to be underestimated.
It is necessary to know that in front of 1 hand, you will play in parry due to the adversary modifications of the weapon, and in front of a two hands, you will play in dodge.
Here are some examples of my pvp weapons:
[ link to imageshack stuff gone ]

Notice: I am a pikeman before all, I play almost only dodge, so my recipes do not bring me a lot of penalties on this side there.
For the dagger sword, tekorn is advantageous for mages, and the dagger is more likely to cause dodge reduction rather than damage. So as you can see, I bet my craft basically on dodge and dodge as opposed to speed and parry.

For shields, if you play a parry, prefer a good shield +30 (not boost) with Sword or 1h Axe. If you are more dodge, then prefer the buckler (+20 dodge) with Lance usually.
[ link to imageshack stuff gone ]
Notice: I sometimes use sword and shield when I have a tank on my back, while I take care of a mage. I take fewer shots and damage and so with occasional heal, I can continue harassing the healer without worrying about my pursuer.

4. Stanzas:

Here are going to be presented the main stanzas of pvp. After that, everyone has his own, that goes without saying, but it can be said that these will be the basis of everything.
Increase Damage 13 Accurate Attack 3 Ignore Armor 11
Increase Damage 11 Accurate Attack 7 Ignore Armor 9
Increase Damage 10 Circular Blow 6 Ignore Armor 7
Chopper / Swordsman:
Increase Damage 13 Accurate Attack 3 Bleeding 11
Increase Damage 11 Accurate Attack 7 Bleeding 9
Increase Damage 11 Accurate Attack 6 Bleeding 7
Sword / Dagger / Shield:
Increase Damage 12 Targeting Head 9
Increase Damage 12 Target Arm 9
Increase Damage 12 Targeting Legs 9
Increase Damage 12 circular 7
Double Attacking Spells q250 / 225:
250life / 250sap / 80range
Sort out simple q250 off enchant:
100life / 100sap / 50range
Heal life q250 (heal basic and Enchant on amps):
100life / 80sap / 80range
Heal life q200 sap q140:
180life / 160sap / 80range
Heal life q200 stam q140:
180life / 160sap / 80range

Regen life: 26
Regen sap: 26
Regen stam: 26
Regen life / stam: 14/12
Regen life / sap: 13/13

5. Heal Techniques:

-The PvP is done via the heal enchants. The enchantment does not have an error rate, and requires no incantation in addition to the speed it allows to have. Only the sap and the stam must be incantated. You do not have to take risks to raise someone with a spell instead of an enchantment, because when you activate the action of this one, you will not be able to parry ANY attack, so a blow of ax hits ... But in addition , With a dagger sword on his back, it will be very difficult to succeed because the blows received break the incantation of magic.

-It is therefore preferable for the healer mode to take turns in circles, in order to receive less damage, and to enchant as much as possible. If you have a tank on your back, allow yourself the incantation sap or stam according to the needs of the group. If you have two or more, at the slightest incantation, you will receive extra damage, die, and waste to raise your group. Be careful not to run in too great a perimeter, at the risk of not having enough scope for everyone.

-When you are in a group, it is imperative to keep an eye on your teammates, and heal them before they fall. Raising one dead and the heal will cost you an average of 5 enchants, while heal someone standing will need only two to continue in complete tranquility. Enchanting saves time and reduces risk, it allows you to heal your whole group without havin to deal with a specific case.

- In minority, or in when in defensive because the opponent is taking the upper hand, before taking a weapon, you must heal all your comrades thoroughly, and they will also reciprocally. Thus, the opponent has to type well, he does not see the life down, so he changes target, he strikes etc, and after a while has to take the amps for his comrades and them for him. And then, in reversal of situation, you take all your weapons, and you take the upper hand.
- The most common pvp with equal numbers is to see 2 tanks or three on one player, and another without a person on her buttocks. Technique: The one without pursuers uses her amps healing from enchants, and focuses on the attacked. That one continues, takes his weapon, and via a constant heal, can affect damage to his enemies while he regens faster than he receives damage. (Preferably attacking by circular stroke). The enemies therefore change target, and depending on the state of the group, you can both take the amps to regen the team, or then take your weapons to tank.
- In the extreme, if 50% of your group is dead, having lots of tanks on your back, then rely on SPEED. Enchant everyone, and via your speed, once away from your pursuers, send a Sap incantation onto the best healers.
Summary :
- Use ONLY Q250 life enchants for heal.
- Incantations ONLY for sap or stam when you can.
-Run around to receive less damage per second and care to keep your entire group in range.
- Heal your group members before they are dead.

[h2]6. Attack Techniques:[h2]

After a good heal group, let's move on to the attack.
- The most important thing to keep your group alive, as we have seen, is the heal. Well, for your opponents, it's the same. If you are lucky, and you face some of the old school, with healer and heavy tank ... Forget the tanks! Go straight on the healers, put them to the ground, and the round is won after a few strokes of blades.
-If you come across players who pvp in a modern way as explained previously, then learn to know your targets. Know where their fault is in the armor, in their jewelry, whether they are good heal ... Attack those who keep their group standing. Those who run in circles most often have amps in hand [? (tr)]. Place two tanks on them, 1hsword dagger head targeting if they wear no helmet, leg targeting if in skirt or when two hands, stanza accurate with sword or axe. Once dead, it is IMPERATIVE that someone is camping the dead. So that once raised, a single blow gets him back to the ground before he could heal his teammates. For if you kill him, after changing targets, it is indeed he is dead, but just two seconds, he is already in full life giving back all the sap to his friends and they take again the domination of the round.

- Once you spotted a good healer, harass her/him! Do not let go until death, and even afterwards! Thus, throughout the round, that one will suffer blows on the head with Critical Hits causing a stun, plus your enchantments Sleep, Fear or Rooting, and all this will prevent her/him from doing his job, and so this allows your companions who are also in tank role to kill your opponents without the latter receiving a constant heal.
- If during the fight, you see a good healer of your team being pursued by two tanks or more, let go of your opponents! Take the amps, enchanting your friend. With the constant heal, he will be able to spell despite the blows received, and thus to fulfill the needs of your group in all differing situations. After this, keep the amps and the pursued then takes a weapon, to attack in the course of his pursuers. It is the art of passing heal / tank role , according to his friend who performs tank / healer, all without changing armor, just arms.
- If your group is fully regenerated, then take all your weapons, and will inflict maximum damage on the opponent. Pikemen on two-handed tanks, dagger swords on enemies without helmets, or with circular.
- If the enemy regenerates faster than you do damage, then reset, 50% of the group heals minimum heal, and change targets, techniques, people to camp.
- When you receive a constant heal due to your pursuers, stop. Take your best weapons, and circular. You will not like to see a single type causing 600+ damage to 3 of your friends at the same time without his life dropping? The enemies either. As a result, they change target, you are cleared. Depending on the evolution of the fight, take the amps, or else, concentrate on an opponent in constant ways. (See fiercely if your target is the "head of the group"),

Notably, the sleep spell is broken when a shot is given to the target.
Consequently, if you hold a dormant healer (or tank) your team members must concentrate on the rest of the opposing team to kill them faster, and thus end up with the healer in question, while continuing for others to camp the dead.

- The off magic in pvp. A subject that requires some attention, because it can cause more harm to your group than to the one on the other side. The off makes you consume a lot, so if you use it on an opponent with an unbalanced adornment in abusive ways, you will consume more life than they lose. Then your teammate will have to take the amps for you, and so your group will cause less damage offering a possibility of domination for your opponent.
For use on targets with PvE gear actions are depending on the context, same with those with a large hole in resistance. The best is to use off when your opponent is away, or in sprint with a life of less than 1000. Poison or elec on a DESERT LAKE PRIME jewelry, and vice versa on a JUNGLE FOREST PRIME, choose fire, shock or cold. (Note the importance of knowing the opponent.)

- There is also a way to harass someone or keep him on the ground if he has a flaw in his adornment. A single off q250 enchant to be used, and repeat as soon as the opponent is raised or to ground him quickly.
- Pay attention to the off abuse therefore, for your sap too. The incantations are hard to do as explained previously, so do not empty your sap unnecessarily.
- Let's go to the big subject of the affliction enchantments. They play an extremely important role. Choose a Sleep, Stun or Fear enchantment for one-handed weapons, thus blocking the opponent's healer. And madness or sleep on a weapon two hands, in order to penalize the opposing tank and save some damage that should have been dealt to your group.
- When you camp an opponent, you have the ability to enchant another target remotely, while staying on the dead enemy. Madness is useful for mages because it blocks heal enchants with a good percentage of success (but that is not equal to 100%). Again, the important thing is the opponents with amps in hand, so do not send an unnecessary enchant on the only remaining tank.
- Under affliction: If you are under madness, use instantly the "cancel action" key, so you do not create yourself any damage. If you offer poison double spell and your adornment does not support it, you can die yourself in seconds.
Summary :
- Protect your teammates who have amps.
- Kill a chosen target according to your knowledge and weapons.
- Camp the dead target.
- Affliction enchant the right people in the right conditions according to your spell.
- Several weapons in the bag, One hand and two hands, one heal amp, one off.
- Off on end of life of the target or improperly made gear.
- No wasteful offensive magic to preserve the sap.
- Heal of the group to the maximum before resuming all weapons to do damage.
- Stop the action if you are subjected to an enchantment that can cause damage.

7. The Auras, Invu and Regen:

For magical protections, you have the auras of MPA, magic protection aura, and range protection aura. Invulnerability and regen modifiable to your demands (stanza data in the dedicated section). Others will not be mentioned in this document, due to their lack of use in the field of pvp.
The auras are valid for the whole group, so that, in order that it lasts as long as possible, each one in turn activates the same aura, thus extending the time of the latter. [Aura bug? (tr)]

Regarding the melee aura, it is useful when the group is in a bad condition, due to a surplus of opposing tanks. It allows healers to raise the group and heal thoroughly, without receiving too many blows, and to having more success in incantations.

The aura of magic is mainly used when the group suffers due to offensive magic, because of insufficient jewelry. Pvp improvised while foraging or level grinding ... It often protects the back during the flight, as much avoids damage from enchantments such as rooting, generally serving to retain a person of a group, to bring back the others in the combat.

Range aura, not negligible. If you have enemies in front of you with launchers, do not wait to pick up 3000 damage in 5sec. Immediately invoke the aura, so the opponent uses up his ammunition, and will have to get back the conventional weapons to confront you.

Invulnerability: NEVER used Invu in group pvp. A player who does this is wasted enchantment, heal will be taken away from others, and your group falls. An invu to 3 vs 1, and that's what it gives:
[imageshack stuff gone (tr)]

For regen, you should use them in moderation. This is what will allow the last survivor, to regain enough life to heal another person, who after two will take over the group, for example. Or forget about an impossibility of incantation, take the regene life / sap. On the other hand, if you have 3 tanks on your back, without constant heal, you do not need to use a full life regen. In any case, you will fall.

8. Various tips:

We will say that it is the part "note", tricks in bulk that are used according to specific cases.

- For a tank with two hand weapons, prefer an inexpensive recipe, with a 100 damage / 100 speed. Do it right in order to have a boost. The boosted weaponmay then be used it with a classic pvp stanza. The others, use a stanza with the bricks WEAR to max. You will be able to put a full / accurate stanza / bypass or hemo. It almost always touches .... [?? (tr)]
- As a tank with 1hand, do not bother to put precision, you remove a lot of dodges via your craft, so put only head targeting for opponents without helmet, targeting legs for those in skirt, and arms for those who have light sleeves.
- Train with enchant, a hit on the mob, switch to amps with offensive enchant. That runs quickly, and the it will train you for pvp.
-Don't wait for someone to hunt and climb to 250. When a person is at level 235, propose you to heal off team, and enchant off the mob. Unimaginable time saving.
- For duels, if your opponent is at the end of his life, and he puts a melee, put yours too, immediately take your amps with off magic enchant, and harass him until he is killed.
-When you are alone with several tanks on your back, will have mixed. The opponent in surplus will rejoice in his victory in advance, and will not think to protect himself. Circular blow, and you do a max damage on all three at the same time.

Ser Alric full time Courtier.

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