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Hallo Homins

Zusammen mit dem letzten Ryzom-Patch erfolgt auch eine neue Version. Mehrere Fehler wurden behoben und euer Ingame-Nutzungserlebnis sollte verbessert sein.

Experimentelle Unterstützung der Marauder-Ehre (Marauder Fame)

Mit dem neuen Ryzom-Patch wurde eine echte Marauder-Ehre (Marauder Fame) dem Spiel hinzugefügt. Informationen über diese Ehre ist noch nicht Teil der API, trotzdem ist der aktuelle Mechanismus bekannt wodurch der Ehren-Tracker (Fame-Tracker) Änderungen korrekt anzeigen sollte.

New Horizons Rechner

Ihr könnt jetzt einen neuen Rechner verwenden, der für euch berechnet wie viele Produkte an New Horizon Transporter verkauft werden müssen um die gewünschte Menge an Ehren- oder Fraktionspunkte uzu erhalten. Berechnung erfolgt auf Grundlage eurer aktuellen Ehre.

Aufruf and Installation

Du kannst die Anwendung im Spiel starten indem Du den Befehl /appzone 2132 in einem beliebigen Chatfenster eingibst oder es installierst (Ruhm-Übersicht von App zone). Alle Anregungen sind willkommen.

Bevor es losgehen kann, gib bitte deinen gültigen API-Schlüssel ein. Und schon gibt es die erste Aktualisierung...

Die Übersetzung dieses Textes hat dankenswerterweise Sbeck geliefert.

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Fame Tracker 0.9

Role-play options

One of important news is to allow users to enable more role-play options. With use of Blablatys database, users are allowed to select role-play language. This will create another translation layer and your application will be primarily localized into preferred atys language with fallback to your preferred language with fallback to default language (english).
Another option is live conversion of all dates into Atys timeline along with two new Date and time formates by Atys conventions. And when you feel far from Atys, enable use of your national font. There is one specific font for each Atys race. Unfortunately, in-game browser will ignore this setting.

User interface clean-up

Application UI has been cleaned up. Some additional changes were made for better use in UG browser and customization options were separated for each application. One of new key features is support for scaling. While regular browsers have this feature built-in, this option targets on use with in-game browser and allows you to scale application interface between 90% and 200%.

Color management was replaced with database backend as well as operations log has new database backend. Users can browse log history and let new messages to aggregate into one summary to save space on screen. Cache updates were moved into separate thread to improve performance. Changelog and version system has new database backend.

Usage and installation

You can run the application IG using command /appzone 2132 from any chat window or install Fame tracker from App zone. All suggestions are welcome.
Before you start, the tool requires you to enter a valid API key. Then the first update can be done...

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I have re-activated New Horizons section in Fame Tracker again. Some levels of change are bit different now and it is not working exactly as it was, thus I am not sure the calculator is always correct.
While the change is only temporarily, I will not invest more time in it unless someone find an issue.

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Fame Tracker 0.9.2

Maintenance release

This version is mostly a maintenance release. It profits from new system features and also brings various fixes. Map options newly allows to switch source to satellite version.

Changes shared by all applications

The cache update mechanism, especially inventory cache in case of (multiple) guild halls, might take some serious time to complete. While you can still customize cache lifetime for each storage and affect the length between automatic updates, all general update locks are now also accessible from user settings. In case you lock any type of update, the system still checks for new changes and offers a way how to run the update manually. This allows you to have updates always locked and run it on your request.

There were also made some fixes and improvements on the update process itself and the system of localization is now using temporary translation cache to reduce number of database queries. The system tracks if your character has a profile on Ryzom Armory server and offers a link for such Homin. All applications except DeepList also contain basic user documentation.

The set of application icons was updated to better fit with the Ryzom client theme. This change is followed by update of license details in About section. System font database was reworked and the colour palette database now supports colour opacity.

Usage and installation

You can run the application IG using command /appzone 2132 from any chat window or install Fame tracker from App zone. All suggestions are welcome.

Before you start, the tool requires you to enter a valid API key. Then the first update can be done ...

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