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The min / max addition look very useful ... will have to get around to playing with, ... maybe this weekend.


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Hallo homins

Along with the last Ryzom patch is also coming new release of new version. Several issues has been fixed and your IG usage experience should be now better.

Experimental marauder fame support

With the new Ryzom patch a real marauder fame has been added to the game. Information about the fame is not part of the API yet, however the current mechanism is known so Fame tracker should correctly track changes.

New Horizons calculator

You can now use new calculator that will count for you how many products need to sell to New Horizons to get desired amount of fame or faction points. Calculation is base on your current fame.

Usage and installation

You can run the application IG using command /appzone 2132 from any chat window or install Fame tracker from App zone. All suggestions are welcome.

Before you start, the tool requires you to enter a valid API key. Then the first update can be done ...

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