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Kamia'ata Shuai-Chon Vao,

I would like to inform you about the presence of one and maybe several heretics
who have prejudiced Theocracy by drugging and manipulating a Zorai Initiate.
With the company of several brave hominas and homins, we intercepted and
neutralized the kwai Busang, which was delirious under the effects of drugs.

Of course, I contacted the Dynastic Healer Tao Sian to examine her, once
sheltered in Zora. She is now under my watch.

She talked about a nélai-ito named Kanzaburo. I've heard rumors since a while,
I suppose you too. Busang-miko pretends that this blond zorai
gave her purple vials to calm her pain...

I am not sure to understand if that this felon is associated with the Antekamis
or marauders, but in one way or another he spreads the Plague on the lands
of the Theocracy. This must stop.

Also, I need you to check that the Sages are safe and sound at their place.
My companions and I considered the fact that Busang (under the influence
of drugs and manipulated by the heretic) served as a diversion to keep
participants from the Assembly of Circles away from Zora. We can't afford to
not consider this possibility. Even if I have faith in you, it would be wise
to check that no one is missing.

Ochi Kami no.

Wu Zhan

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