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#1 Multilingual 

Up for sale, a set of boosted level 250 choice MQ white Trkyer light armor with a +2 dodge modifier.

If interested please post your bid below.

Bidding closes March 31.

Highest bid will win.

Thank you,


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#2 [fr] 

200 000 dappers


En charge des fonctions de vicomtesse d'Avalae
Valyenae di Karan-valyenind e Aiyae di Lumnimae --o§O§o-- Gardienne du Royaume et Bénie de La Mère
Le nec ne nacharaias ilne! --o§OoO§o-- Tu ne me chassera plus jamais!

#3 [en] 

500 000 dappers


#4 [en] 


#5 [en] 

Seems like I have just got rejected, she explained that's reserved to Kamists.

Nevermind my bid, good luck.

#6 [en] 

Nevermind my bid and Leeis's bid then, we are both non-Kamist :P
But perhaps it's better if you post in the kamist section then


#7 Multilingual 


Its open to all.

Yenno I said thank you for your bid while i was watching you pvp.


#8 [en] 

I misread your tell, then, I haven't noticed you around either.

Sorry, my bad, back to normal! Your turn to bid higher than 3M, Lopy. :)

#9 Multilingual 

3.2 M

#10 Multilingual 

Is Castor or Pants?

#11 Multilingual 

The pants are castor style.


#12 Multilingual 

I bid 3.5 M

#13 [en] 

My bid - 3.75 M dapper.


#14 Multilingual 

4.5 M

#15 [en] 



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