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Ryzom Launcher - An alternative launching method such as we have now w/ ryzom_configuration_qt_r.exe (Windows) whereby we can adjust various game settings on a single interface before launching the game ..... for this, have a web application whereby after logging in we'd arrive on a page like:

From here we would be able to launch

a) w/o having to log in again.

b) a support ticket, w/o having to log in again.

c) Be able to create a list of links that users could create to other Ryzom related sites... for example:

1) Guild Site
2) Ballistics Mystix
3) Silenda Site
4) Ryzom Wiki

The functionality exists as right now, if i click forums, it automatically takes me to:

2. Create a common naming protocol for what "name" is required for logins

"Account Name": When we want to get into came it asks for "Login" / When we want to get into Billing, it asks for "Username":

"Character Name": When we log into web apps, it asks for "Character name" / When we log into chat.ryzon, it asks for "User Name".  Obviously, user name doesn't mean the same thing in the two instances.


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