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Stuck in the air

(To reproduce this bug, tp and during countdown chain a healing spell... You need a target)

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Shy-Laï l'Errante de Zora

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Back in 2006 or so we had a Flying Capryni over Pyr ... never saw Santa ... but was a fat Fyros guy in red Tryker armor passed out on floor one night.


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When you experience REE-L and want to TP out mid fight


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A unique moment:) Swimming in Virginia Falls for Matis Event:) ("The Clumsy Matis")

ps. LOL Blue! :*


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OK ... real funny ... who is the Practical Joker.


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Could you save the Princess?


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Can't even get away from a mek with brutes around me...

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How long ya think this lasted w/ 4 ex Ryzom-wives ....

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Stop looking at me. I did not take it.  When the Kipees are suspicious.

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Special moment, when I stopped trusting invulnerability =P


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hihi; seems the juggie really wanted to snack on you :D


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Teanwen's charming humor :D

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Guess what I found!

And little ZigGubanis too

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Attempting to reason with a Zerx at the Enchanted Isle.

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