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Ryzom Forge meeting report - 207-09-04

Project : Scenario Editor

It is the next step, after the scenographic editor. Its aim is to allow the players to create their own scenarios.

Done tasks
- Creating about 30 Ark modules.
- Being able to spawn mobs.
- Being able to spawn mobs.

In test
- Création d’un scénario-modèle (template).

To do
- Imminent beta testing session (NDA). Expected duration: 1 month.
- Addition of the possibility of talking with an NPC.
- Open beta session (RF, on Yubo).

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And btw, wonder what happened to X & Y & Z resize, disable collisions and the ring maps?
Collisions are bit buggy, that is true, but I hope Ulukyn will fix it in next editor update. Collisions resize works to me in X/Y, Z confuses me. Rotation seems buggy.

I actually mostly toss the collisions from the cliff of the bark (literally, collision - move X & Y), instead of taking the time to edit them. A lot of them are way too large for their shapes.
The Z axis is special in Ryzom, it’s kind of 2.5D, not the 3D it looks like. Where the ground is not even enough or collisions overlap it’s possible to walk below a collision. You can’t move a collision on Z because it always tries to snap to the ground. You can’t walk on top of a collisions, there is no top ;) (unfortunately). Changes on rotation Z of the collision seem to be reset on save (bug).

Haha, I was banging my head against the wall with the collisions not saving their positions, "glad I'm not the only one".


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trop bien

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attends la langue pendante...

et dire que c'est le ring qui m'a attiré sur Ryzom....

j'ai hâte :)


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