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I can only have one public scene per account at a time? Seriously?
(So I need to take off woods for the new scene...)
For now, but you can share unpublished scenes to friends in specific list, no matter if it's public.

I didn’t test the share to a single person functionality yet. I have 2 nice scenes for the world to see now ^^
For the public scene I replaced woods with waterworld for now, bit of a show off whats currently possible with the SEd.
(If I start another public scene, I will use another account.)

And I was not able to figure out how scene renaming works.
Further, the exit button does not exactly meet my expectations (with visible collisions before use).
There are some minor issues, but the basic works. Renaming and removing groups is not finished, IMHO.

Did you try to rename a scene, does it work for you? Removing groups and scenes works well for me now.
And the exit button (works well in general), but still the same bug with the red collisions you can’t disable and make you eventually crash (if you forgot to disable collisions before exit).

And btw, wonder what happened to X & Y & Z resize, disable collisions and the ring maps?
Collisions are bit buggy, that is true, but I hope Ulukyn will fix it in next editor update. Collisions resize works to me in X/Y, Z confuses me. Rotation seems buggy.

I actually mostly toss the collisions from the cliff of the bark (literally, collision - move X & Y), instead of taking the time to edit them. A lot of them are way too large for their shapes.
The Z axis is special in Ryzom, it’s kind of 2.5D, not the 3D it looks like. Where the ground is not even enough or collisions overlap it’s possible to walk below a collision. You can’t move a collision on Z because it always tries to snap to the ground. You can’t walk on top of a collisions, there is no top ;) (unfortunately). Changes on rotation Z of the collision seem to be reset on save (bug).

Everything else looks good, the sorting feels better now and it runs pretty stable, thank you. :)
IMHO, it needs some minor fixes and some bit more advanced functions.

Which functions do you miss?

These are features announced by Ulukyn or Tamarea before:
X & Y & Z resize (shape), disable collisions and the Ring maps

Further, most important to me:
1. ai, mobs, npc, interactions, missions
2. ability to set season, time of day and weather (like it was in the Ring)
3. copy transformed shapes OR copy the transformation values from one shape to another

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I think it would be very neat and helpful to have some kind of way to know what an item is in the Scenario Editor before you call it up and spawn it. Maybe some kind of app, or if you can 'hover' your cursor over the item name and a little picture comes up for you to see would be awesome. Then you click on it and it spawns if you want it in your scene.

At the very least, an app that i can have on the side that i can maybe click on the items and a picture comes up or something. It is more clunkier, but it would be better than spawning an item and deleting it for every item until you find what you need.

Ahh my bad, I guess I already posted this Idea, sorry, but...

I want! I want! I WANT! :D

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I had an idea about sort of bookmarks where you can (multiply) "bookmark" any object under any category you create.

On the other hand, after like 30-40 hours in editor i had better orientation in objects and it was less pain. Then I would really apreciate sort of grouping and cloning functions and (most) fix of setting collisions.

Was there any change since?

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Multilingual | [English] | Français
Ryzom Forge meeting report - 207-09-04

Project : Scenario Editor

It is the next step, after the scenographic editor. Its aim is to allow the players to create their own scenarios.

Done tasks
- Creating about 30 Ark modules.
- Being able to spawn mobs.
- Being able to spawn mobs.

In test
- Création d’un scénario-modèle (template).

To do
- Imminent beta testing session (NDA). Expected duration: 1 month.
- Addition of the possibility of talking with an NPC.
- Open beta session (RF, on Yubo).
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