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To all players who have been waiting for a new Ranger meeting, thank you for your patience. Due to the conversion to Client Ver. 3, associated tasks, holiday content and their drain upon the resources for ARK and Dev creation, the writing and implementation of the Ranger Rite is still in hiatus. However, it looks as if it will become a priority with the new year.

Most of the Ranger Lore has been validated by the Lore Team and the rest will be validated soon.

I hope to be able to have Wuaoi call a meeting and make a positive announcement in the near future, but it was my judgment that you would rather have no meeting than have a meeting and get a negative report on what many of you have been waiting patiently for some years. This note is to let you know that you have not been forgotten.

Enjoy yourselves in Atys and thank you again for your patience.
Cerulean, Event Manager
Atys Teams
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