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oren pyr malos

An assembly of the Patriots and inhabitants of Thesos is invited on 23h - Dua, Fallenor 8, 4th AC 2589(*) at Thesos bar.

The topic of this assembly will be the applications to the position of Thesos akenak.
The applicants who haven't made themselves known yet can come forward celiakos Ibiphan Dynix (**) or directly at the assembly. The present Patriots will decide if they consider this or these applicants as worthy to represent them.
The criteria for applying are mentionned in the Imperial Decree dated Germinally 25, 1st AC 2585.

sharükos pyrèkud !
Ibiphan Dynix, Thesos celiakos

[OOC](*)Wednesday, 21 September 2016 19:00:00 UTC (7 years ago)
(**) In a message on the Fyros forum[/OOC]

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