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Will you be willing to support an Experience Curve to HELP newbies?
Sure, it won't really hurt me anyway 0
No, I don't think people should get it easier than I had to 0
Maybe, if it helps the game prosper 3
Other 2
Other 0
Abstain 1

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examples at bottom

Please keep an open mind about the idea.
If you are only here to say no, please, see the first line ^^

Many games as old as Ryzom understand that new players can leave by being discouraged about being unable to be relevent, useful, or competitive.

My experience as a new player has taught me that it is basically impossible to be these things, with the great number of multi masters who freely give and help everyone with everything all the time.

The idea is to allow lower level players to level (certain) skills faster to become more relevent, useful, and competitive.

Two clarifications:

1) low level players normally level faster at lower levels, yes, the experience curve is already exponential here like most MMORPGs, but the proposal is to make it even faster, for newer players

2) there are a few ways to do this, wurm has a system where if you are level X your "real" level is level Y (example, someone with level 20 on a curved server is as strong as someone at level 36) but I'm not saying to do this

The curve above is too powerful, it should be a bit less generous for Ryzom of course :)

I'm proposing something like a handicap, faster levels for lower players that tapers off, not really the numeric + effective level as wurm does it, just an exp booster (nothing drastic)

A Mathematical relation can be established that can be well thought out and tweaked, so as not to disadvantage veterans.

Yes, it's not all about levels but here's a particular example.

Consider, you need 40 points for every 5 hp boost. So If you want to make Q50 gear with 25hp, you need 40 x 5 = 200 points. This is 20 craft levels.

The amount of time it takes someone new to do this is counter productive, it's better to just take free stuff. Unfrotunately this is internally discouraging, and rest assured, I am not the only one who will feel this way.

New players coming in will want to feel like they can make an impact, so I hope my recommendation is taken to heart.

IF you want Ryzom to succeed, you need to consider alternative, creative ideas, and challenge the status-quo. We need it to be profitable, retain more players, get more subscriptions.

With these things in mind, I propose the above.


P.S. If you are able to dig into my idea and articulate it better, I will appreciate the help, it's not easy for me to explain

Example curves: (quickly made from using bunny tools and some example calculations, no deep thought yet, except to show that you can start with a big boost and lower it, and ignore the last 50 levels) (again just theoretical examples)

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