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Live with Honor. Die with Honor.

Identity: As Marauders we do everything to make our faction stronger and better with no regard for saboteurs* 
Language: English (other languages accepted if there is a reasonable fluency level)

Guild activitifes: From foraging to melting our enemies down. 

Outposts: We claimed the Loria Stronghold and remain to date its rightful owners. Attempts to capture it from our hands have and will continue to epically fail. 

If you're a strong (preferently subscribed), active and versatile homin with a wish to learn our ways and walk along our path, send an izam to any of us and we will consider your application.

Some of us:

*OOC: We follow the Marauder RP in the appropriate channels (/s, RP forums and RP Events) and make cross-faction alliances to achieve our goals. If this is too much for you to handle, this guild is not for you.



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