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The Escape

I could smell the stench of the Trytonist clumping through the forest as though no aggro or homin would be within range to kill him. How he had survived this long I wondered. Would he notice if I snuck up behind with my axe? Would he notice less if I bombed him?...

Just as I was preparing to attack I heard more noise. A large group of Trytonist joined the first one. Now I understood why he walked as though nothing would attack him!

I low crawled on my belly through the bushes to reach an area outside of their radar range. Checking my compass I could tell when I was outside their range by losing sight of their dots on mine. I scrolled out as far as I could to 250m.

Once I crawled out to approximately 125m away from then I raised myself to my knees while maintaining as much silence as I could. I tried to remember to watch for aggro that might be in the area.

I felt the cold wave of fear in my stomach then the adrenaline kicked in along with my fight instinct. Suddenly, I felt so giddy I almost couldn't keep from laughing.

It was always like this before a fight. I could feel the grin straining my lips as far as they could and knew if I could see my eyes they would have a certain glaze over them.

200m I raised up to a hunched over position. Then sprinted quickly the last 50m.

I slipped into a hidden circle of bark protruding from the earth to catch my breath.

It was necessary to check their position once in a while to see what direction they were traveling. I could slip in and out of radar range to quickly check.

My breathing calmed.

I had a long way to go back to the Marauder Camp.


The Clan

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