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#26 [en] 

Good catch ... that's one of those copy / paste errors:Durability = Game Code Data:C15+Game Code Data:C15*$C$3*$C$4*C24+$C$5You can see these from the tableGame Code Data:C15 = 100$C$3 = 2.00 for HQ$C$4 = 1.2 for Rubbarn BoosatC24 = 100% Precraft %$C$5 = +20 for having done the Durability RiteFor whatever reason, when I pasted down from Axe to Mace, instead of $C$5 it wound up with $D$5 which is text so it did not add the +20 ... now fixed, Thank You !


#27 [en] 

Would welcome testing and feeback on the new "Vendor Storage" Module.  I'm a me and packer dig 360 mats, stand at hawker ro craft, sell the crafts ... rinse and repeat kinda guy.   And I was always asked, why don't you just sell mats and craft at stables like everybody else ?

Well as "Patient 0" for CRS Sysndrome, I could never remeber what I left where and had to TP to all capitals to check time left so that mats didn't expire and fo "poofie".  This was added for all those folksies.


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