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1) I hadn't considered the Bleed stanzas since many who use it wind up reducing the levels of Increased Damage and/or using a lower-than-maximum level of Bleed. Rather than account for that added variable, I felt is best to disregard it for a crafting calculator and keep it a simple "damage times speed". However, given the near-universal use of maximum levels of Increased Damage (or Hit Rate), I felt that doubling the DPM figures listed would be more representative of the most common use cases.

2) Most likely, but I've overlooked enough simple/obvious things that, whenever I see something that I know I myself might screw up (or have screwed up in the past), I just have to bring it up.  I do like your idea on the interface.

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I did add the Inc Hit Rate Stanza to the tool ... but not the IG version. You can use the SS version if ya want this info. The Inc Damage Stanza tho is non- linear:

0 = 100%
1 = 104%
2 = 108%
3 = 112%
4 = 118%
5 = 128%
6 = 136%
7 = 146%
8 = 156%
9 = 166%
10 = 176%
11 = 186%
12 = 196%
13 = 200%

So in the spreadsheet, if ya typically use ID 12, then pop 1.96 into cell C6 and ya will get that answer.

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Upcoming BT Efforts:

1. Exe Resources Info Tool - Have been many requests for this tool to a) be expanded to include PR regions and b) to add Sup Weather Availability as well. After discussions in Guild as well as with other long time players, it was deemed that b) was not in the best interests of the game. As for a) if we can muster up enough help, gonna undertake the job. After doing Nexus solo, still feeling a bit burnt, so gathering a few contributors would help get this off ground.

Progress Report as of 2018-08-13


Spring = 0.00 %
Summer = 28.72 %
]Autumn = 25.00 %
Winter = 23.40 %
Overall = 19.28 %

0.00% Amber
32.81% Seed
34.38% Fiber
5.00% Bark
35.00% Sap
10.94% Resin
40.63% Oil
43.75% Shell
5.00% Wood
11.25% Wood Node

2. Craft Ranges Tool - With reference to this thread:


Have been converting all the spreadsheet formulae from this tool to text format, so that (hopefully) users will be able to cut / paste into the *.txt files Arc mentions in the initial posts.

Just taking a quick glance there's about 40 different craft characteristics and about 30 different craft combos that produce different characteristics. So basically that's 1200 different "pulls" in the game code that the formulae act upon. Copy / pasting all that out of the spreadsheets plus precraft, base values, multipliers, constants, etc. is bound to create some inappropriate paste errors.

If anyone wants to participate, indicate an interest in a craft skill tree you have mastered (LA, MA, HA, Bucklers / Shields / 2H Weaps / 1H Weaps / 2H ranged / 1H Ranged / Amps / Joolz.  Idea is to insert the post-craft data into KC and see if the results are consistent.

If anyone has an interest in contributing to either endeavor, please send an IG mail to FF and, if we can gather enough folks will get underway. Underspring or Abys of Ichor will be the 1st PR region we will "weather map" depending on the response.  For the Crafting Tool, I have only converted LA, MA, HA, Bucklers, Shields, 1H Weaps and 2H Weaps to text format ... will get the others done as time allows.

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Oh, reminds me... I was going to ask, why 2h mace has minimum durability 100 and other weapons 120?

Hm I had another question, by my tests there was one not accurate number in your weapon/armor stats ranges table, but I forgot which one what it was... Was nothing serious, just minimum was 1 point lower than your table says...

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Good catch ... that's one of those copy / paste errors:Durability = Game Code Data:C15+Game Code Data:C15*$C$3*$C$4*C24+$C$5You can see these from the tableGame Code Data:C15 = 100$C$3 = 2.00 for HQ$C$4 = 1.2 for Rubbarn BoosatC24 = 100% Precraft %$C$5 = +20 for having done the Durability RiteFor whatever reason, when I pasted down from Axe to Mace, instead of $C$5 it wound up with $D$5 which is text so it did not add the +20 ... now fixed, Thank You !


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