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"For our delectation
— Nec!
— For our reputation
— Nec!
— For... hu... our... hu..."
Zagno Miarello searched feverishly the recesses of his memory, but the poem did not come back in his mind. And the glare of Ginio Frepi, his female teacher, did not help.
"I give you two days. If you are not able to recite me this quatrain by then, and do it properly, you'll have to find another master."
Zagno Miarello nodded. He knew this poem. He had repeated it a hundred times. But he lost all his means in public. And nothing could be more crippling for a minstrel apprentice.
"I will train myself."
Ginio Frepi did not soften for all that.
"I advise you to do so. Meet you at the gazebo two days from now."
And she went out striding, dumping there her pupil.

[OOC]Meet at the Gazbo of Yrkanis on Tuesday, 28 June 2016 19:00:00 UTC (8 years ago)[/OOC]

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