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Some time ago, the Federation of New Trykoth agreed to help improve the water quality of the recently built water well in the Great Outback (The Witherings). Engineers from the Foundation for the Investigation of Scientific, Heuristic and Engineering Solutions (FISHES) will travel to Zora with some mektoubs full of technical components that can't be transferred to Zora by teleport. FISHES asks for support and escort during the trip..
The engineers will meet with all homins willing to support them at Fairhaven stables, 1h - Quinteth, Nivia 23, 1st AC 2588.*

* [OOC] Tuesday, 24 May 2016 19:00:00 UTC (8 years ago) It will be a trek from Fairhaven to Zora. New players can join the event to travel from Fairhaven to Zora to get teleportation tickets. Suitable for all levels. Duration: about 1.5 hours

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