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Hello all,

After a little bit of plays on Silan i have some issues with the interface. Ryzom had a lot of great ideas with the HUD but I think 3 points needs some improvements to bring a better accessibility.

First there is no scaling for the font or the items. If you pick a resolution, the resolution define the scale of the font (except chat).You know, my eyes are ok but i think the HUD is too small, so what about a player with eyes issues, think about it? In the same vein we can have a colorblind mode.

If we increase the scale of the UI, the background will be ugly because of the stretching of the original size of the image. So, what do you think about a support of the SVG format in the HUD? I think it's a good idea, everything can be scale without "pixelisation" so it will stay beautiful no matter what the resolution or the scale.

The idea of the NPC speaking in a bubble is good because it's better for the immersion but the spacing of the font in dialog bubbles could be increase to be more clear.

I want to say Ryzom is a great game and you already make a wonderful job on the interface tweaking keep up the good work and thanks for this game. :)

Sorry for my English, i'm French

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