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Although good news in many ways, I hope this does not mean that we will have to use Steam to fetch new clients. The Steam interface crashes many applications on my machines, as it is a 32 bit version, which does not run well in my 64-bit Kubuntu environment.

I have been downloading and compiling the Core source code for many years and I hope that I can continue to do exactly that.

Nothing will change for the ones who don't want to use Steam.


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Très bonne nouvelle effectivement, en espérant que beaucoup de nouveaux joueurs viennent nous rejoindre sur notre belle planète Atys :)

Bravo et merci ;)


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Deux très brèves réponses :
- On pourra toujours accéder au jeu sans passer par Steam ?
- Les serveurs vont-ils être arrêtés durant l'ouverture de l'accès Steam ?

D'acc', merci Tam


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Will there be any changes to the payment system because of this, like being able to pay through steam?

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Good to see some progress.



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I am excited!

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It is good to see the horrible ingame browser get replaced by a more relieable and better supported version.

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Here is a Steam FAQ, that will be enriched with the time.


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Congratulations! It is like a new game now.
Roadmap needs to be updated now with new addition of joining Steam so i can click the heart..."I Like!" :D

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I haven't peeked at this page in a few years, and today I had a notion that I should. What do I find?? An announcement about Ryzom coming to Steam!

I'm so happy to see things still thriving. Maybe I'll find some time to come around again very soon! And having it through Steam will make it easier.

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Multilingual | [English] | Français | Deutsch
Ryzom on Steam

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Il n'y a plus qu'a espérer que les nouveaux et les revenants restent ! Bon courage


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Ryzom is now completely unplayable on mac.

o Use Steam
o Install
o Run
o Login
o Click Play
o It completely logs you out of your mac account. Same result as rebooting your computer.

100% reproducible.

Also.. your character will be stuck online.

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well... Friend of mine (mac OS too) tryed it, and say it works...


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Lets compare version. Im using 10.11.4


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