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#16 [en] 

Easter hits the mansion! Eggs, bunnies, easter grass, you name it!

Also, Updates! The level cap has been increased to 15 and a new mechanic called "Collections" was added. The mansion has over 150 achievements by now and alot to explore!

Haven't visited in a while? See you at the mansion!

#17 [en] 

A new minigame hits the mansion! Now offering a total of 7 games and alot of additional content, such as collectables and achievements!

Curious? Let's meet at the mansion!


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#19 [en] 

It's summer time! Explore the beach, collect seashells, discover hidden treasures and much more!

The event is active until the end auf august, relax, take your time and enjoy the mansion!

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#20 [en] 

Summer is slowly coming to an end, time to get those sandcastles finished! The mansion is now live with 50% more experience points to celebrate and lots and lots of sand. For a limited time only!
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