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Z: So you’ve fond your way to writing scenarios for TV and movies?
DCC: It was great, I sold 2 concepts for TV series to French productions, but nothing happened with them. That world is ultra-closed from inside, same as a submarine, and the status of the author stays very far in the background of the project, if ever it is done. I turned then to writing books and, there, I’ve really enjoyed it. So I started a series (I need room, I’m finding stand-alones too short).  did the book and I put it aside to restart some training work, because I saw a lot of things to correct. 

Then, I left Paris to settle in Switzerland, where my family is living, and I’ve started a second series. The first series, called “Liddy Nobody”, targeted the children. I was just about to take it over when a friend proposed me to collaborate on another one, more adult, of Fantasy. Liddy already was Fantasy, but youth writing requires specific efforts from me. More adult Fantasy gives me a lot more freedom and so I said “Why not? Let’s give it a try.” 

That was a year ago. We’ve just finished book 1, currently being checked by pros for the corrections. Translation into English is already in progress. It’s called Anthalys and I’m in the middle of my work on book 2, I’ve got to complete it by April 2016.

Z: I’m looking forward to reading this!
DCC: Anthalys should indeed appeal a lot to Ryzomians. I’m looking forward releasing it, but you’ll have to wait, because I first have to finish the 2nd before releasing the 1st. That being said, there will probably be some exclusiveness for Ryzom players.

Z: Can you reveal a bit more on the theme of Anthalys? Or is it better to wait for the official release?
DCC: Anthalys is an epic Fantasy saga. The story takes place on a mostly wild planet. Four diffrent points of view, four totally different environments — desert, lagoons, jungle and very, very, very high canopies… 

The first book has 70 000 words, with illustrations. The second book should be twice that big and will be released both in the US and in France, first as e-book and then as paper book, except in France, where I still don’t know.

I wonder if there are any news about the release of the first Anthalys book by David Cohen Corval?

Thx for any information :)

Edit: found it, looks good :D, release September 2017...

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David C. Corval

He has started a vlog (video blog) and his site is very interesting. He has a facebook and is on youtube. Be wonderful if we could support him. I cannot wait to read his world. Dear goodness he is so young!

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When can we expect the translation? =/

i truly hope you're not playing anymore if i come back... that would be a huge drawback for me and 5 new players willing to pay for ryzom

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i truly hope you're not playing anymore if i come back... that would be a huge drawback for me and 5 new players willing to pay for ryzom

I can't tell you how sorry I am! ;)


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:)) thumb up salazar

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p'tit up just for fun


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Toujours pas de nouvelle du livre de David ?
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