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Bones slowly walked across the Marauder Camp, bags full from a successful hunt. He was tired but very happy, he knew he pleased the girls this time. Nice job today stinky, squeaked Lacuna as she punched him in the arm. He fell back and managed to let out a chuckle, Thank you. Could it be, was she really complimenting him? Bones was overjoyed. Lacuna chirped, Now go wash up, you smell like a male. Mari and I have a special dinner for you to celebrate the hunt. We are even giving you your own jar of Nutella as a reward for not messing the pull up this time. Where's Mari and Ner and since when was Mari good at cooking?
You're trying to poison me again! Ha! I'm smarter than that laughed Bones. Don't be such a weak male, laughed Lacuna. You can trust us now, she said with a wink and a beautiful bright smile. We are really happy to have you here and the hunt was great. Silly me, laughed Bones. Of course I can trust you. Lacuna said, Oh, Mari is in the kitchen cooking and Ner is off digging.
Bones did as instructed and began to wash up. He could overhear the girls arguing over who's bum was bigger. Cow! Squeaked Lacuna. Beast! Barked Mari. They began to giggle.
Bones returned to find a lovely table complete with soup, lasagne and a jar of Nutella. Yummy yum yum! Thank you Ladies! It's no trouble at all Mari said with an over-exaggerated smile.
Now eat up st--- strong Bones! Bones quickly finished off his soup, it was good and he didn't even ask what it was. Next was the lasagna, it was also very tasty. Before he could say thank you again, his body began to tremble. His vision grew blurry and he felt dizzy. He could hear insane laughter and figures of shadows dancing. With his last bit of strength he looked up only to see Marichia and Lacuna eating HIS jar of Nutella. Stupid male pig! Did you really think we would give you our Nutella they both screamed. The last thing Bones saw before the world went dark was an empty Nutella jar falling to the ground and two Nutella speckled demons laughing at him. Atys was silent. Atys was dark. Suddenly his lifeless body began to move as his belly swelled up. What have you done you idiot! Lacuna screamed at Mari. I followed the recipe you got from Binarabi exactly you stupid cow! Shouted Mari. Before they could get to safety Bones lifeless body performed his its last act. A poisonous gas cloud rose from Bone's bum and filled the air quickly killing anything and all inside.
Revenge was sweet and the last supper was delicious.

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