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Daomei submits her report to Yai-Zhio and Orphie Dradius

Dear Orphie, dear Wuaoi,

As I will be hindered to participate in the Rangers`meeting at Fallenor 5, 4th AC 2585, here my report about the ongoing events in the Burning Desert where I have assumed diplomatic responsibility as a Ranger Companion.

During the last and this cycle, Diwu and me visited two assemblies in the city of Dyron. The first one, at Folially 27, 3rd AC 2585 ((October 27)), dealt with the announcement of the visit of sharükos Lykos and the call for candidates for the Akenak of Dyron according to the decrees of sharükos Lykos to reform the administration of the empire. There was one patriot, former Akenak before the second great storming, questioning the decision of sharükos Lykos.

The visit of sharükos Lykos took place at Winderley 6, 4th AC 2585 ((November 10)). Not few patriots, other inhabitants of the desert, and foreign visitors were present. Sharükos Lykos first greeted the assembly, then asked for candidates for the Akenak of Dyron. Unfortunately, no patriot was willing to run for this post, and Akenak Stiara had to resign for personal ((RL)) and health reasons. Sharükos Lykos therefore appointed celiakos Dios Apotheps with the administration of Dyron, and appealed to the patriots to consider obtaining the responsibility of an Akenak.

Then the whole company went for an inspection of the water well in Great Bushland, a joint enterprise of the Akenak of the city of Dyron and the circles of the city of Hoi Cho in the Witherings. The Leader of the circles of Hoi Cho, Enlightened Zhoi, was present. The well was in good condition (many homins, not at least Diwu and me, had contributed with materials to allow the construction), Fyros and Zorai guards jointly secured the place. Still the construction of water filters is an open issue, Tryker engineers about to produce them. Most probably, the Federation will demand a price still to be negotiated for this service.

After the inspection, sharükos Lykos thanked the participants. He stressed the importance and the role of the city of Dyron for the maintenance of water supply and securing trade for the whole of the Burning Desert.

with respect and regards

Daomei Lin Carthan
Ranger Companion

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