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(I made this topic initially for the Fireflies forums. I am copying the stuff here with the hope that it may be useful. Please let me know if you feel anything is amiss. Posted here for easy reference.)


The game has two religions that offer the basic teleportation service: kamis and karavan. There are also two organizations (marauders and rangers) that have special ways of teleporting, about which you need not be concerned when starting out. As you progress more, you will learn about these organizations and decide whether you like their system better. This topic will only cover kami+kara.

Each region, including the Prime Roots, will have both a kami and a karavan altar. Once you buy a tp at a particular altar, you can use the pact at any time to return to the region; of course, the act of teleporting uses up the pact and you must rebuy one on arrival.

Your alignment dictates which pacts you are able to buy, and where. As a reminder, a player comes neutral from Silan, and must do a specific rite in order to align with a faction. Some pacts are neutral, some are faction-only.

The mechanics of teleportation are simple:

0.a. You invoke a pact from your inventory.

0.b. Teleportation is channeled for 15 seconds before your body disappears from the starting location. If you take significant damage, channeling is interrupted.

If you are killed during the channeling phase, tp'ing is canceled and you are sent into coma, pending either respawn or a healer. The pact is not used up.

If you are under duress and wish to teleport, you could use MPA (melee protection aura) to give yourself the required 15 seconds. Since you are not taking damage under MPA, teleportation happens.

0.c. If you are in a coma, you are allowed to use teleport pacts, and their usage will be instant. Of course, this uses up a pact and you must re-buy it.

Rules for buying pacts:

1.a. All capital regions will have two neutral altars (both kami and karavan). One will be less convenient to use.

If the nation is traditionally kami, then the karavan altar is outside city gates (Zora, Pyr). If the nation is traditionally karavan, then the kami altar is outside city gates (Fairhaven, Yrkanis).

1.b. Non-capital cities will have only one altar, according to the traditional religion. Tryker and matis cities have a karavan altar, and zorai cities have a kami altar. The Fyros are exempt since their non-capital cities are not in the capital region; instead, rule #2 applies to Dyron and Thesos.

2. All regions on the border of two continents will have both kami and kara altars neutral:

- Dyron, Dunes of Exile (bordering Knot of Dementia in the jungle)
- Thesos, Savage Dunes (bordering Hidden Source in the forest)
- Hidden Source (bordering Savage Dunes in the desert)
- Knoll of Dissent (bordering Abyss of Ichor in the prime roots)
- Heretics Hovel (bordering Lagoons of Loria in the lakes)
- Bounty Beaches (bordering Trench of Trials in the prime roots)
- Grove of Umbra (bordering Trench of Trials)
- Knot of Dementia (bordering Dunes of Exile in the desert)
- Nexus (bordering other prime roots regions).

3. Prime roots have no neutral-accesible pacts. You must align with kami or karavan and raise your fame to 60 before you can buy any pact there. Prime Roots regions are the following: (brown border on your map)

- Abyss of Ichor
- Under Spring
- Lands of Umbra (Trench of Trials, Gate of Obscurity, Elusive Forest and Windy Gate)
- Wastelands (Sunken City, Forbidden Depths and Land of Continuity)

4. Level 250 continental regions have no neutral pacts either. You must align with kami or karavan and raise your fame to 33 before you can buy any pact in those regions. Simply raising your fame is not sufficient, you must also do the rite.

- Void (jungle)
- Grove of Confusion (forest)
- Lagoons of Loria (lakes)
- Scorched Corridor (desert)

Note that Flaming Forest is not a region of its own, but a part of Scorched Corridor. It has no altars, and there is only one ramp connecting FF and SC. However, the Oflovak Oasis kami and karavan altars are very close to Flaming Forest, most players will be using those to enter the place.

5. All other regions not covered above will have either kami or karavan as neutral.

- Lakes: Dew Drops (kami), Winds of Muse (kara), Enchanted Isle (kami), Resting Water (kami), Fount (kara)
- Forest: Fleeting Garden (kami), Upper Bog (karavan)
- Jungle: Maiden Grove (karavan), Haven of Purity (kami)
- Desert: Oflovak Oasis (kami), Frahar Towers (kami), Sawdust Mines (karavan)

6. Changing your faction affects the rules! Once you reach fame 30, you are able to do the rite and align with kami or karavan. Once aligned, you can only buy pacts of your new religion.

If your fame is 30 and you do the rite to become kami, you lose 4 kara capital pacts + 9 border-region kara pacts; additionally, you must replace pacts with the opposite faction. For instance, you must replace your Maiden Grove karavan pact with a kami one (idem for Upper Bog, etc). And since your new alignment forbids you from using the Maiden Grove karavan pact, you must travel on foot to get the kami one.

Also at fame 30, right after the kami rite, you gain access to the zorai city pacts (Min-Cho, Jen-Lai, Hoi-Cho).

Once you raise your fame to 33, you gain access to 4 kami pacts in each of the q250 regions.

Once you raise your fame to 60, you gain access to 9 kami pacts in prime roots regions).

Plan accordingly.

7. The q250 / PR rules (4 & 5) trump the border rule (2).

As such, there is no neutral pact in Lagoona of Loria, despite the fact that it borders lakes and forest continents. The same goes for Void, Scorched Corridor and the various PR regions.

8.a. Prices for a pact vary on region level:

- q50 capital regions, 1000 dappers
- q100 region, 1500 dapers
- q150 region, 2500 dappers
- q200 region, 4000 dappers
- q250 region, 6000 dappers
- PR region regardless of level, 10000 dappers

8.b. The non-capital cities are still in a q50 region, and cost 1000 dappers too. Although Dyron and Thesos are in q200 regions, their pacts seem to follow this idea, so they're 1000 dappers.

8.c. Nexus is counted as a PR region and pacts cost 10000 dappers; they also have the same black background like PR ones. This is most probably a relic of the times when supreme materials were appearing in Nexus.

8.d. A world tour can easily set back a player by at least 50.000 dappers, especially if they buy 2-3 pacts everywhere.

Respawn points

You can use respawn points when you are in a coma, either when the timer expires or if you choose to do it earlier.

Your religious fame will affect your availale respawn points, but far less than it affects teleportation.


1. There is a respawn point in every capital, activated as soon as you enter the capital the first time.

You can respawn either at the kami or the karavan altar, depending on which fame is higher. By default, matis and tryker characters have positive karavan fame (and negative kami), whereas zorai and fyros characters have positive kami fame (and negative kara).

2. There is a respawn point in every city, activated as soon as you enter the city for the first time. These points are only available if your fame agrees with the nation tradition.

Fyros and Zorais are traditionally kami, and as such characters with the kami fame higher have a respawn point in the cities of Dyron, Thesos, Min-Cho, Hoi-Cho and Jen-Lai.

Matis and Trykers are traditionally karavan, and as such you need karavan fame to be higher if you want to respawn in Crystabel, Windermeer, Avendale, Natae, Davae or Avalae.

Note: do remember rule 0.c when you're in a coma in the desert. A neutral character with karavan fame higher can still invoke the kami pact for Dyron or Thesos and respawn inside the city despite lacking the respawn point. Of course the pact is used up and must be rebought.

3. There is a respawn point at continent borders, for a total of 19. They are exactly at the vortex that allows you to cross from one continent to another.

Simply approaching the vortex will add the respawn on your map. It is however recommended to go through the vortex, considering that each has a pair vortex (and respawn) on the other side, that you also want activated.

(Also, there are some bugged cases when simply approaching the vortex fails to add the respawn. Going through a vortex 2-3 times in Nexus could be a good idea.)

List of vortex respawns:

- Dyron, Dunes of Exile (south, access to jungle)
- Dyron, Dunes of Exile (north, access to Under Spring)
- Thesos, Savage Dunes (access to Hidden Source)
- Scorched Corridor (access to Windy Gate, at kami tp)
- Hidden Source (mirroring Thesos, at kara tp)
- Knoll of Dissent (access to Abyss of Ichor, at kara tp)
- Heretics Hovel (access to Loria, at kara tp)
- Lagoons of Loria (mirroring Heretics Hovel)
- Bounty Beaches (access to Trench of Trials)
- Grove of Umbra (access to Trench of Trials, at kami tp)
- Knot of Dementia (center, access to Under Spring, at kami tp)
- Knot of Dementia (west, the mirror for south Dyron)
- Void (access to Land of Continuity, at kami tp)
- Land of Continuity (mirroring Void)
- Sunken City (access to Nexus)
- Abyss of Ichor (north, mirror to Knoll of Dissent)
- Abyss of Ichor (south, access to Nexus)
- Elusive Forest (access to Nexus)
- Nexus x 3 (mirrors to/from AoI, SCi and EF)


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For homins who don't want to join Kara or Kami, there are two other options to fast travel later on (above melee 100 or something).

1. Becoming a Marauder, they have their own porting, including PR (the bad boys to all the other faction)

2. Becoming a Ranger, they are still build up, but they already found shortcuts to the most dangerous areas in the four regions (the good girls and boys, helping and protecting atys)

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Mjollren (atys)
Respawn points

3. There is a respawn point at continent borders, for a total of 19. They are exactly at the vortex that allows you to cross from one continent to another.

I feel it important to point out that a few of the portals listed are not on the edge of a region and thus may not seem like they are a border but they actually are. The portals to/from Prime Roots may appear in the middle of the Jungle or Desert, but they are still the border between PR and wherever.

"Border" doesn't always mean "edge".


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