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Hello everybody, I've just finished the Silan part and now arrived in the Mainland.
I'm pretty much scared about the huge world discovered.
Since Zorai character, I'm in the Witherings (@Zora), I've started doing some missions with the "welcome guy".

It's pretty exiting, but If you have any suggestion on how to move in this world, please, you are welcome to give me some advice!

I don't have a guild.. is it mandatory to have one?

There are any events soon? wars? or something else to meet people?

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Well do some missions, talk with the ppl around the stables (no idea how bussy zora is these days) if you got questions, and so on ...

You'll see most ppl on the mainland will try to help out even unguilded ppl with free good gear and such (I'm not saying start to beg to ppl but asking polite and such somebody might step up)

Try to hitch a ride on a 'trek' (this is where ppl take you to all lands so you can tp to them later). The jungle is a nice place to start so a trek isn't that important for first few days not like in forest where a dog eats you moment you step a foot outside town. 

About guilds well you can have a look at the guild registry on the forums or just talk with ppl see how they are in conversation and ask em to join.
A guild isn't mandatory but it does give you a place to get help/gear/tips/and so on...

About events I see there are a bunch planned in july for tryker/matis (no idea if they are open to all races)


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It can be a good idea to ask for help in universe chat channel. You will probably get answers fast and people will do their best to assist you with anything you need. You will also get to know other players. Chances are that you will get some guild invites too.


Please don't be too shy about asking for help. Players like helping other players, especially newer ones. And I'm sure you'll be helping others too when you are up for it. And leveling skills in a team helps all members of the team.


For events and such I suggest monitoring these forums and universe chat.


I would't hurry about joining a guild. Give it some time and see if you feel you need one and find one you really like.


About missions... Personally I'd just forget about them and start grinding/leveling skills up (try finding a team in uni). But then you are supposed to have fun, so do what you feel like.


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In my opinion:

I didn't join a guild until I was approximately level 101 in Melee. I know that some people think that you NEED to join a guild in order to progress in your skills, however, in my observation, I dislike that tactic. Only through progressing slowly did I always realize my own limitations, and I was more carefull, as I did not have a team to depend on. And I took it slowly and safely.

When I did join a team, I got killed more frequently than otherwise, and in some teams, the entire team got killed.

Also, you need to weigh your options when joining a guild with respect to citizenship of a country. If you join the "wrong" guild, you cannot be a citizen of your country, So be carefull about that.

Just enjoy the game, learn what you can.

Also, go to the "settings/app zone" on your bottom toolbar, click on that and ger the "Ballistic Mystic" application, click on "encylopedia" and you will see the thing you need to do to gain fame. Gain all the fame you can get. REALLY!!!

Also, occupations are a good thing. In Zora, I would HIGHLY recommend "Magnetic Cartographer"


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Priorities for the newly arrived (in no particular order): 

- earn dappers so you can buy gear + TPs
- get your fame up so you can buy TPs (no point trekking til you can buy the TPs from other regions)
- explore the landscape and find out safe routes + safe areas like ponds 
- collect respawn points as well as TPs
- buy a mount for extra storage (you will gather a lot of spare gear) and to help you explore
- take note of who is on when you are on and who you enjoy teaming with before you consider joining a guild

Above all, have fun and don't by afraid to ask for help or advice :-)

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A neutral can buy several pacts in all but the most difficult regions, I would not delay trekking because of that. It may take a person several days or weeks before they decide with whom to align :)

List of teleportation rules I've posted in another topic, if anyone finds it useful..


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