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Thanks for the link Salazar! ^^

There's plenty of amazing fan made Ryzom videos out there.


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Great news!!!

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This is great news, looking forward to this moving forward...


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If/When Ryzom becomes available on Steam, what happens to *us*?

Will be required to use Steam, or can we play Ryzom like we have been playing all along?

If we must use Steam, will need to start all over, again, from the beginning?

Now, I do already have a steam account, and I play on it daily, but I am just wondering what happens to *us*


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I am very hopeful we will not be forced to use Steam.

And I am pretty sure we will not loose any game progress.

Maybe someone who knows for sure? Just to feel safe :P

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Of course we won't lose anything. MMOs on Steam typically have their own servers and their own account system and players are not in any way forced to use Steam. The game will just be listed on Steam, gaining exposure, and Steam-using players will be able to track their play time on Steam. At most, there might be some Ryzom achievements and badges added to Steam.
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