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been playing from nov 2004 till may 2009 and having a good time in Silan currently and i plan to stay there for a little longer ;)

Can someone update me on the factions please ?

My preferred gameplay would be like it was in the old days. Which means to dig my stuff and to be able to travel while avoiding as much PvP as possible.

Should i stay neutral ?
What happens if i choose Kami or Karavan ?
Is it still possible to learn spells and crafting receipes from other races or is sort of faction grind required ?

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Hiya and welcome back!

You can avoid PVP easily by not clicking the little green sword icon next to your name... clicking it will bring a world of pain and sorrow.. unless you win, then you get joyous butterflies and an accute sense of impendening vengeance and doom.

The factions, as far as i know, are the same; Kami and Kara are still the main ones. There's also the Marauder organisation, Rangers and Trytonists.. those last two are mostly only roleplay at the moment as they have no real game content.
You will need to complete a rite to be part of a faction and each faction has it's own fame requirements, so a fame grind is inevitable if you want to join any one.
staying neutral is an option and there are loads of neutral players... the only downside is not having access to q250 zone teleports.

Spells and crafting plans of all kinds are available to every player at a certain lvl.. somewhere between lvl 100 and 125.. i can't remember. Basically you can do everything that the other player over there is doing.

Hope this helps. :)


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Ayup, and welcome back :)

Being Neutral is more valid now than before imo.

As Marcel rightly says, the 250 zones don't have Neutral TP's so used to be difficult to get to. The Ranger pathways wil TP you to the 250 regions from each capital.

Prime roots can also be accsed though portals at the Nuetral Kami/Kara TP's so a non faction player can get pretty much anywhere nowadays :)


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Thank you for the info.

250 will be 500 pickaxe later... there is time to learn and decide :D
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