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Luminatrix sat at the Fairhaven bar, drinking her glass of Stinga rum and thinking. Then she realized the barman had said something to her. „Sorry, what were you saying?“ she asked. He grinned. „I was asking if you wanted another drink.“ She nodded. „Yeah, sure.“ Handing her another glass, the barman asked: „So, what was it that you were thinking about?“ She explained to him that she liked to collect legends from all the lands and that she was thinking about where to go to find people who could tell her some. The barman raised an eyebrow. „Legends? I know plenty!“ „Really?“ He smiled. „Oy, of course I do! People in bars like to chat. Especially when they have had a few glasses of my famous Stinga Vortex. I have overheard a few interesting stories. Would you like to hear one?“ Luminatrix happily agreed.

„Have you ever been to that lagoon with a waterfall near Dew Drops? There's a very old legend about the place.“ She nodded. She liked going to the place, it was very beautiful in all seasons. In summer beautiful divine-smelling flowers bloomed there. It was the perfect place for meditation and clearing her head. „Supposedly it happened shortly after the New Lands had been found, in the times that a war raged between the races and the Matis were trying to conquer the lakes. One day, a young woman was swimming in the lagoon, relaxing after a long day's hard work. At the time there was no waterfall, just calm, cool water. Suddenly she sensed someone else being there. She turned around and saw a man in a Matis soldier's uniform standing on the rocks, watching her. She was angry at him at first but after they talked, she started to like him. When she went there again the next day, he was there waiting for her. After some time, she fell in love with him.

It sounds like a nice romantic story, but it wasn't as easy as it may seem. He was the enemy and if anyone found him, he would surely be killed or, even worse, tortured and interrogated about his comrades. He told her it was alright, that he was hiding. When she asked him why, he said because he was sick of the stupid war. That he thought it made no sense. And that if anyone from the Matis army found him, they would surely execute him for desertion.

She started coming there every day to see him. For a few weeks it was without any problems, she just told everyone home that she had a lot of work foraging materials lately. But after some time, her older sister started suspecting something wasn't quite right about the story her little sister told everyone. She didn't believe her at all. Noticing how she walked with a dreamy look on her face, she figured her little sister was in love and secretly seeing someone. Curious, she decided to follow her from work one day and see where she was going and who her love interest was.

When she saw that it was a Matis soldier, she was shocked and appalled. Not only was it a crime but if anyone found out, it would bring shame and disgrace to her whole family. She decided to stop her sister from seeing him and tried talking to her about it that night at home. They ended up in an argument that their brother unfortunately overheard. He was in the Tryker army and a proud patriot. He was furious. He would put an end to it.

The next day the young woman told her lover that it would be better not to see each other for a few days to convince everyone she wasn't seeing him anymore. He was sad but understood and agreed. But then they heard the sounds of many men coming their way. The Matis told her to go hide, that he would see what was happening.

In her hiding place, huddled to the rock wall, she could hear screams and the clash of weapons. She was terrified. What was happening? Were they found out? But how? Surely her sister wouldn't have told the army about him when she promised to never see him again, would she?

The sounds of a fight stopped. She could hear people going away. After a few moments of silence, she finally got enough courage to peek out. And there was her lover, lying on the rocks, unmoving, the armour on his chest covered in blood. She dug him a grave with her pick and buried him deep in the sandy shore of the lagoon. Then she sat on the rocks and wept and wept for many days, until she died of exhaustion and her tears turned into a waterfall.

It is said that water in the lagoon under the waterfall of tears is the purest water in all of lakes and if a couple in love bathe in it together, they will never be separated by anything but death because the water has magical properties. In summer there are beautiful golden flowers there, they are called Maiden's Tears. Women used to give these flowers to their men who were going to the war, believing that the souls of the dead lovers would see to it that the men would return home safely.“

Luminatrix thanked the barman for the story and went on her way, looking for more legends.



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