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1/ My brother played it a while few (many ?) years ago, then I headr again about the game few times before the merging, so I gave it a try (just few days before servers merging). I was looking for a RPG game for a linux machine, so I gave it a try. And still there 5 years later ;)

2/ In a previous life I had a Mac, and played a lot on many games there (Marathon, Myst-Riven, Another world, several flight-sims [F/A-18, Hellcat,...]). Plus some heavy time-consuming, anti-productivity stuff on home-console.

3/ Linux (right now, a 64 bits Mageia-5 distribution)

4/ P2P (after only 2 weeks of F2P - I keep supporting this game, but that may not last if we move to a paywin schema...)


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Hmmm, somwhere i saw a small add online advertising Ryzom as being one of the few online games you could play on a mac I clicked on it, downloaded the game, this was in 2010, and here I am, 7 years later still playing and loving it :)

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ich hatte eine Open beta Installation CD aus einem pen ´n paper rollen spiel Zeitschrift ^^


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"Liberi I`Margus"

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1. How did you come to know about Ryzom?
was bored with all the new games out there so did a search and for a nice article on the game.
2. Have you played any graphics intensive games before?
Started playing "The Realm" back in 1999. From there have played many many gaes like WOW,AC and so on.
3. Which OS do you use for Ryzom.
Windows 10
4. F2P or P2P?
play both. Like the F2P to check out the game then will P2P if i like the game.

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1. How did you come to know about Ryzom?
I have an old macbook air 2010 that can barely play any games, thats when I started searching for MMO i can play and then I found Ryzom on App Store. Tried it and it works better than I expected.
2. Have you played any graphics intensive games before?
3. Which OS do you use for Ryzom.
Macintosh OS X El Capitan
4. F2P or P2P?
F2P for now. How much is P2P cost?

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That depends on where you live, but the information is available here:
click here

It's not in the most obvious of places, but there it is.

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May I ask few questions to all.. I hope we will finally be able to guess which players will like Ryom. This question is raised as a response to the following post http://app.ryzom.com/app_forum/index.php?page=topic/view/21937

1. How did you come to know about Ryzom?
Saw it listed as a MMO with a native linux client. Winning...
2. Have you played any graphics intensive games before?
3. Which OS do you use for Ryzom.
4. F2P or P2P?
F2P. If I ever make it to the cap for F2P, I doubt I'll subscribe simply because server disconnects happen too often and I'd want consistency for the cost.


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http://bm.bmsite.net/render/bCsLe3rVXKFmkQYWeWSGt5EFEcEsrp96FpzbX EfhYZVLRW8oJbwNKHyuWeXhgZPCpD7gwA3tV6s3b9QE9ZortbY3[/img]
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