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Lacerating Kirosta, at Knoll of Dissent in the tunnel of Woe.

We have investigated the Tunnel of Woe, with the help of Naema and Zauza. We have mapped the tunnels, we could not go down to the deep tunnel, because we came across a lot of Kirosta’s and Awesome Kidink. We did find out that the Kirosta’s social in pairs.

The lacerating kirosta are not in the top tunnel. I thought we only had 15 kirosta. I was so wrong. We lost count of how many were in the tunnel’s, in some places we could not get through, because there were so many.

Lacerating Kirosta level 233, we also have Incensed Kinrey level 188, Incensed Kincher level 179.

I would like to thank Naema and Zauza for helping to map the tunnels.

Calling for all worriers and healers to help investigate the deep tunnel, please contact me for a team.

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