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This is a secondary record of my "performance" for the Tryker Fair on December 6th, All Rights belong to whoever they belong to, none of whom are me.

In attempt to avoid favoritism "songs" will be performed in the following order: Races (Alphabetical Order), Factions (Alpha. order again), & "All Homins", with maybe a quick joke about FyrosFreddy at the end.

So the list & modified lyrics currently looks like this (Video's may not be official, original lyrics referenced may not be complete)
01 Fyros - Winterborn (Youtube)

02 Matis - The Great Pretender (Youtube)

03 Tryker - Opportunites (Youtube)

04 Zorai - The Riddle (Youtube)

05 Kami - Shoop Shoop Diddy Wop (Youtube)

06 Karavan - Poison (Youtube)

07 Marauder - Ready to Die (Youtube)

08 Trytonist - Can I Play With Madness (Youtube)

09 All Homins - Strange New World (Youtube)
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