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We will start a RP event explaining the differences of the memories of the Homins, and at the same time, explain the appearance of Homin's "strange dialects".
In accordance with the spirit of openness of Ryzom, we would like to have the help of some players to start the event.
Would it be possible for you to write in the forum in an RP format (hence in the "roleplay" section) questions and doubts, inconsistencies or questions regarding the game following the merger? This will cause a RP reaction from us that will cause an event both in that forum and in the game.(/OOC)


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Homins researchers, we are aware of your comments. We were hesitant to talk to your  people because the level of your knowledge is too far from ours to  explain the phenomena that intrigues you. But among scientists it might  be possible to exchange views and find a teaching tool for you to  transmit our science.

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