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Rikutatis sits in his office in Min-Cho, writing a letter. Documents, other letters and even a few amber cubes are scattered on the table in front of him. The Izam that will carry the message croaks nervously, perhaps somehow sensing the dangers that lie ahead. Looking concerned, Rikutatis continues to write:

"... No matter how I look at it, this just makes no sense. Maybe my mind has suffered some kind of permanent damage from Goo exposure during my time hunting the infected Gibbaï. But the Sap Gleaners promised me that I was completely healed... And others such as the renowned scholar Bitttymacod also have these conflicting memories. How could this be?

I clearly remember the late King Yrkanis still alive shortly before the second great swarming. My spies inside the Royal Palace told me he was ill and there might be a plot against him, but he was still king. And yet other homins swear he abdicated the throne. Some say he fought the kitins during the exodus and died of his wounds, while others claim he was taken in a great flash of light.

The same with Dexton. Some fyros remember him dead by a terrible disease, while another group claims he survived that disease but died fighting the Kitins during the Second Exodus. Again, how could this be? But there's more, even more disturbing fragmented memories. Some fyros remember Thesos being attacked and burned down by the Matis. I received reports of this battle myself! And yet there are those who cannot recall these events. To them, the armed conflict between fyros and matis was deftly avoided by diplomacy or some such.

Could it be that the Goo has finally corrupted the core of Atys, infecting the flow of Sap and the very life seed of all homins? Are there any answers for us?

I will continue my meditations. Ma-Duk shall unveil the Truth for those who seek it.

Mata yumé,

Rikutatis, Zoraï Awakened


"We are Kami. We are here to be you. We are many as you are of many minds. We are one as you are one in Ma-Duk."

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Sygmus finds himself sitting at the edge of the Fraider camp, chewing on the latest Cuttler meal the tribe prepared. Tarrg walked toward the Zorai and handed him the 'parchment paper' Syg had asked for.

Syg couldn't help but laugh and shake his head at the cuttler leather the Fraider used. This is exactly why he uses the much stronger Carrion Izam instead of the standard Izam.

"Master Qai-Zhan,

You asked for a medical report of my condition and state of mind. Honestly, I am at a loss. My dreams have been of distant pasts, too distant for a homin of my lifespan to witness. The Ancient City of Zoran? Is there anyone alive that would be able to describe it as I have been capable of doing?

The more troubling issue is my waking moments. My more recent memories don't seem to be as accurate. I am not sure if this is just an extension of my dreams but I recall the burning of Thesos and the backlash that ensued! I recall Loryen, my dear friend, who together we organized a rebellion. Walking from the desert city of Thesos through the hidden source and interrupting the great royal wedding of the Matis.

We were all donned in blood red garments! The prince.. his face.. I do not thing I will ever forget that reaction! Yet the current state of Thesos contradicts these memories. Ever since the scar on my hand appeared and all the flashes of light, I haven't been quite the same. I can only attribute these shattered images and memories to that same affliction.

It does sadden me since I cherished that moment for the Fyros nation. They stood up to the Matis once and for all and I was there to support them like many other aribini.."

Sygmus threw the parchment to the floor in frustration. He couldn't even remember who was there besides Loryen. And he hasn't seen Loryen in years... Was Loryen even real or just another false memory??

With a sigh, he picked up the parchment and didn't bother to finish or even sign it. He simply rolled it up in frustration and gave it to Tarrg for delivery. His hand was burning again.


Sygmus Talao-Fyr

Zoraï Ambassador to the Fyros Empire
Celestaï Mik'ito
Kitin College Representative

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The Matis threw some ashes on the paper in front of him to dry the ink, then stretched and yawned. He waited for a few moments, then blew the ashes from it and re-read what he had just put on paper in his spidery, ornated handwriting. He then passed it on to Menthys.

"Here, take this. Make copies of it and hang it in all Matis cities. It his high time we clear up this mess."

Salazar grabbed the amber goblet from the table and took a deep swig of red wine. Then he looked at Menthys again, a thin smile on his lips.

"You know what? If this project will be successful, we'll be on the list of great Atys historians. If it fails, we'll be on the list of great Atys fools. Anyway, we'll end up in the history books."

He chuckled.

"Well. Off, dear boy. No time to loose!"

Menthys bowed to Salazar, then rushed to the Order's scriptorium to copy the lenghty notice, which read:

Friends! Matis! Countrymen! Please lend me your ears - and your attention!

Many of us have experienced since the return from exile a curious situation, a slight and sometimes a huge discrepancy between their memories and those of their fellow homins. What started as not much more than an irritiation has since become a huge disturbance with not just influences our daily conduct but also our policies both with other nations and with our own fellow Matis.

Our Karan is aware of this unsettling situation and has therefore asked the historians of the Royal Academy, namely the signatory, to make every effort to share some light on this. The Royal Academy, of course, which had already started to collect the memoirs of selected homins, also sees the urgency in clearing up a situation which creates disturbing inconsistencies in the writings of our ancestors and contemporaries alike and makes it almost impossible to recreate the facts of Atys past. This is much more than just the grain of salt with which one has to take the writings of historians from other nations than our own. This rot which set in also destroys the accuracy of our own historiography!

The creation of the Kitin Study Group, which for the time seemed to be much more urgent in view of our future then the clearance of the recall of our past, had slowed down this project, alas, which now will be explored with vigour. The signatory, who has sorted out the past writings of members of his Order as well as examining various other repositories like the one created by Ser Ayronil and continued by Filirae Nendra Malakaii, now calls you for help!

What are your memories? Which moments, which occurences defining the course of Atys do you remember? To give you something to think about I'll list some examples of events which I think put us at crossroads in the past. Some of them seem to be not remembered at all, some seem to be remembered in different ways:

- The invasion of Melkiar's marauders on all four Nations of Atys

- The Temple Wars

- The Assassination of Still Wyler, and the machinations behind it

- The Abduction of Karin Stevano

- Nung Horongi, his arrestment and his death

- The Illness of Emperor Dexton

- The Fire of Thesos

- The Fire of Dyron

- The Road to the Second Exodus, our leaders and sacrifices

The request of the Royal Academy, at the moment, is addressed to all Matis citizens. We will, in the future, address homins from all nations to contribute to this project, as in the end the past is not a regional incident, but something affecting all hominkind.

Please help us in the exploration of our history. Help us to clear up inconsistencies, and to find a solution to a situation yet unexplained. Send your memoirs to the Royal Academy, to the hands of the signatory.

Jena Aiye! Matia Aiye! Stevano Aiye!

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Salazar Caradini
Filira Matia
Royal Historian
Member of the Royal Academy of Yrkanis
First Seraph of the Order of the Argo Navis

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This idea of "I'm offended". Well I've got news for you. I'm offended by a lot of things too. Where do I send my list? Life is offensive. You know what I mean? Just get in touch with your outer adult. (Bill Hicks)

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Multilingual | [English] | Français | Deutsch | Español
Dialogue of the Spirits

- This way to interact with Homins, we have never used it.
- That logic is adversarial and not useful.  Wherever their thoughts can go, ours can go.
- So far away never have we gone.
- So far away we must go.
- We must understand. Our investigations twist and shift. Our memories are confused . Homins memories too.
- Too many risks!
- Not to ignore is within us. We need to know.
- To be useful is within us too. Is it useful?
- Knowledge is useful.
- Perhaps we ask our enemies?
- But how do we start?
-  Is it useful to spread this way of communicating??
-  It is good. Try,  but just for a few moments.
- Watch out  ....

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Multilingual | [English] | Français | Deutsch | Español
Homins researchers, we are aware of your comments. We were hesitant to talk to your people because the level of your knowledge is too far from ours to explain the phenomena that intrigues you. But among scientists it might be possible to exchange views and find a teaching tool for you to transmit our science.

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Multilingual | [English] | Français | Deutsch | Español
- They dare! we have to take things in hand before Ma'Duk spreads false truths! And we have to hurry to improve our cybersecurity!

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Multilingual | [English] | Français | Deutsch
Official announcement of the event.

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Dialogue entre plusieurs homins, dans un recoin sombre d'Atys ...
-Je n'aime pas ça ... La dernière fois que nous avons vu Nicho, c'était de bien funestes présages ... Et nous avions été prévenu. Qui sait ce qui se passera cette fois ci ?
-Dans tous les cas, on ne peut pas manquer ça !
-Je pense que c'est beaucoup trop dangereux ! Et si c'était juste un piège ?
-Personnellement, j'irais. Et tant pis si je suis pris, je connaissais les risques.
Un bruit de pas interrompt les homins qui se dispersent discrètement.

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Multilingual | Français | [English]
Letter to the Royal Academy
Honorable scholars,

I am too young to remember the time before the second great swarm, but I would inform you about an urban legend I heard from other young well-born ladies.

This is a game whose main purpose is to scare and entertain us. It demands to bring a white mask - now obsolete ornament but which can be found at costume designers' shop or even near minstrels. Once the object in our possession, the game consists of chanting Azaen name into a secret boudoir, with our friends who share the excitement procured by the danger attributed to this ritual. Indeed, according to the legend, we might receive the nocturnal visit of a hooded and terribly dangerous Matis. Between hope and fear, we generally spend a fun evening without running any real risk.

However, I keep wondering if this mysterious legend has a grain of truth. I could not be sure, among the superstitious ones who attribute Yrkanis fire to him, and those who claim that is nothing else but the manifestation of our fertile imagination. Maybe could you separate fact from fiction in order to determine this legend's origin?

A young Serae

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Multilingual | [English] | Français
[OOC] Explanations of the Karavan. [/OOC]

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Multilingual | Français | [English]
I thought about what they said again and again, i still don't get it ... Why are memories the only one to be mixed ? Why didn't i woke up a morning thinking i was a sexy matis courtesan in a zoraï body ?

Why were there 3 different stain, why not 12, 15, 100 ? And why were they stain in the beginning ? I mean, i get matis are stain, but other ones ? Now more than ever, I think it is time to look at the Great Glouglou ...


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I think that there could and might have been not only 3 memories ((kindly note that "servers" are ooc)), but more, and possibly were. But none beyond the 3 materialized.

We all know and experience that space has 3 dimensions. Time may be one additional dimension so we may think and calculate a four-dimensional time-space. But who tells us that time is one-dimensional? The events point to a multiple time-dimension.

Not really having grasped the maths I consider it worthwhile to think, not mock or rant about

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