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Rumors slowly begin to trickle out of Min-Cho, worming their way into the Cities of Intuition and beyond. There's an oracle in Min-Cho, a figure shrouded in mystery who's been changing lives and spinning prophecies for the new age.

Tear of Serenity is the name repeated again and again in the dark alcoves of the Witherings. And there are always those who would search for answers. A glimpse of the Truth, as a the fragile veil of reality is ripped apart, exposing the innards and alien workings of the living planet.

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"… and soon the Zoraïs will meet again. Always walking in circles, around and around. Oblivious to the reality around them… but I shall awake them from their slumber. I shall give them a glimpse of the Truth..."

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Suddenly her eyes snap open. A blinding brightness floods her senses and a pounding headache begins to hammer at her head. She groans and slowly rises to her feet.

"What have I gotten myself into…?" the young Zoraï asks herself, looking dazed. She grits her teeth and clenches her fists, "Still, I must push on… to Zora!"

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I've… seen things.

Blind abominations that prowl in the bowels of Atys, deeper than any homin has ever been. Creatures of shadows and darkness. Colors and sounds unlike anything… different worlds, strange wars.

I have seen the children of the Goo take something dear from the Zoraïs.

An injured mythical beast, rampaging and causing destruction in the jungle.

The ancestors of the Zoraïs rising up and marching against the Theocracy.

This I have seen.

You may doubt my words, but you cannot hide from Truth. It will come. Until then…

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For those who would hear the Voice of the Planet …

Listen to the heartbeats. Echoing deep in the bowels of Atys. And still the Zoraïs dream on, as the Theocracy slowly crumbles around them.

For those who would hear the Voice of the Planet, I will answer your questions.

I shall wait for you, at the most sacred of all locations. You will find me inside Maiden Grove, at the site known as "Hand of Jena", "Hand of Ma-Duk", or simply "The Big Hand". Look for me there. *

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It is night time. A young female Zoraï sits by a campfire, somewhere deep in the Jungle. The light of the fire casts dark and twisted shadows here and there.

"Poor Suki … " the Zoraï murmurs to herself, a great sadness in her voice.

"Beautiful, beloved Suki … "

She sighs and curls up to sleep, knowing full well the manner of nightmares that await her.

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Dossier: Oracle of Min-Cho (A.K.A.: Tear of Serenity)

At the request of Cai-ci Mi, Min-Cho's Intendant, I have compiled all the information currently known about this mysterious Oracle of Min-Cho.

Currently this "Oracle" has a small group of followers in and around Min-Cho. She goes by the name "Tear of Serenity", and there are rumors her mother died giving birth to her and her twin sister, shedding the fabled tears of serenity on the moment of her death. These rumors could not be confirmed and are most certainly myth.

She became famous after making three prophecies of doom for the Zoraïs: the children of Goo will take something dear from the Zoraïs; an injured mythical beast will rampage and cause destruction in the jungle; and the ancestors of the Zoraïs will rise up and march against the Theocracy.

The followers of the Oracle believe the disappearance of a young Zoraï girl called Suki represented the fulfillment of the first prophecy. Suki means "beloved" in Taki Zoraï, and indeed this girl seemed to be a respected and dear member of the Min-Cho community. Sygmus led a search party to look for Suki, but she could not be found anywhere.

The Oracle has not been seen in public since her last speech at the Hand of Ma-Duk, in Maiden Grove. During that meeting she shared some of her philosophies and teachings: she denounced both Jena and Ma-Duk as frauds, and claimed the Planet itself is alive and conscious and that we are nothing but shadows and reflections of this higher entity. To commune with the planet would be the goal of enlightenment. She claimed choice does not exist and the future is predetermined by fate, all the way to infinity. And that she can see this future in her visions.

Her views obviously represent twisted and misguided distortions of Kami teachings. She has spoken against the Theocracy time and again, and I believe she must be considered a threat to the Cho Dynasty. However, Sage Sorrow has advised us to be tolerant of her and that she is seeking for enlightenment in her own way.

I hope this can be of some use to the Min-Cho government.

Mata yumé,

Rikutatis, Dynastic Scribe


"We are Kami. We are here to be you. We are many as you are of many minds. We are one as you are one in Ma-Duk."

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"Such a magnificent beast …
wrapped in cold and darkness.

Its eyes, the color of death ...
Something wicked this way comes. "

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Rikutatis stood atop the Great Boulder Tunnel, gazing out into the distance, surveying the lands of Maiden Grove.

He recalled his conversation with Matis Noble Salazar, an old friend and sometimes political adversary in certain matters. Salazar had been worried about the lack of news concerning the Oracle of Min-Cho and believed she could still present a danger to the Theocracy.

Followers of the Oracle and those who believed in her prophecies claim the entire tragedy of Suki's death and the Lai-le Ban that is to follow is a direct result of her first prophecy coming to fruition.

"I have seen the children of the Goo take something dear from the Zoraïs.", the prophecy said.

There had been certain rumors of Zoraï hunters vanishing in the Grove of Umbra, and a beast prowling in those parts. Could that refer to the second prophecy? But Rikutatis believed those were just false rumors and exaggerations spread by those who have too much time and imagination. And yet, Salazar's words still echoed in his mind... perhaps it wouldn't hurt to look into it.


"We are Kami. We are here to be you. We are many as you are of many minds. We are one as you are one in Ma-Duk."
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