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Eolinius wipes his forehead by putting an end to his report. Since attending the assemblies, he had never seen anything like this before. More than 4 hours of discussion to get there!
For the first time as a substitute Taliar, he will remember it for a long time. He seals the report and hangs it to a express izam by saying: Governor Ailan Mac' Kean

Assembly of Taliari in Fairhaven le 16 Mystia, 2e CA 2597 (09/03/2018)

Chaired by the Governor Ailan Mac’Kean

Were present:

Alkiane  :
Nilstilar (Matis Ambassador)

Atys Guardian  :

Bai Nhori Drakani  :
Eolinius (substitute Taliar)
Kyriann (present at the end of the session)

Cercle du bois d’almati  :

The Free Soul  :
Chanchey (Taliar)

Hueter des Drachen  :

Légions Fyros  :
Naveruss (Fyros Ambassador)

Suicide Girls  :

without guild  :

Organisation of the Taliari Assemblies

Designation of rapporteur

Nair Eolinius is appointed.

current affairs

Appointment of Taliar or Taliar Substitute, filling of ambassador vacancies

Nair Neira confirms to Governor Ailan Mac'Kean that she’s still running for the title of Taliar and Tryker Ambassador to the Matis.
The Taliar Chanchey asks questions about the wooden emblem that Nair Neira proudly wears on her. She replies that it is the emblem of the black circle. Surprised, the Taliar Chanchey reminds that the black circle is the symbol of the clan behind Still Wyler's murder. Nair Neira replies that she is grateful to those who have helped her, but that she remains faithful to the Federation.
Deputy Taliar Eolinius takes the floor and asks Nair Neira, who speaks a lot about the Matis, to explain her motivations and what she thinks she will do as an ambassador to help the Federation. Nair Neira takes him high and answers freshly that anything that is good for the Matis is good for the Federation.

After several hours of sustained discussion, the vote is finally taking place.
For the title of Taliar: 1 vote for, 1 vote against
For the position of ambassador: 1 vote against, 1 vote for
No majority for the 2 positions

As Governor Ailan Mac'Kean was about to move on to another subject, Nair Neira violently goes after Governor Ailan Mac'Kean and creates an incident. Deputy Taliar Eolinius, followed by Taliar Chanchey must intervene. The Taliar Chanchey manages to control and take Nair Neira away from the assembly.

Federal Market Reform

Governor Ailan Mac'Kean, regaining a little calm, says she doesn't understand why the subject of the Federal market is causing so much upheaval. She asks the Deputy Taliar Eolinius whose Crya possess the outpost to explain the purpose of this market. Deputy Taliar Eolinius recalls that it is out of the question with this market to favour such or such guild as certain suggests, but of sharing the fruits of the OutPost with the Trykeri and other nations under the Federation's motto of equality. It will also be an opportunity to re-establish the Lakes as a commercial hub, and above all to celebrate with many attractions planned.
Ambassador Matis Nilstilar exposes his fears about this market. He stresses that nothing good comes out of the interference between guild and nation affairs. In addition, he finds that there are more important things to do than enrichment and fun.

Nair Neira’s return

Governor Ailan Mac'Kean was about to close the assembly when Taliar Chanchey and Nair Neira suddenly reappeared. Taliar Chanchey said he had changed his position and wanted to restart the vote. Nair Neira is always so vindictive. After another round of heated discussions, Governor Ailan Mac'Kean says there’s no reason to deny the title of Taliar to someone who fulfils the conditions and complies with the laws, but asks for the opinion of her Taliari.

New vote:
For the title of Taliar: 2 votes for
For the position of ambassador: 1 vote for, 1 vote against

Nair Naira is named Taliar
In spite of her nomination, Nair Neira doesn't mind, she wants the two titles or nothing at all.
Governor Ailan Mac'Kean, in his great wisdom, reminds her that she may not be missing much to become a very good ambassador, but that there is one important thing she needs to learn: to fully trust the Federation.
Nair Neira goes away furious saying she officially resigns as mayor and citizen of the Federation.

Governor Ailan Mac' Kean can finally close the meeting.


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Agenda of the Taliari's assembly of 5h - Holeth, Frutor 6, 1st AC 2601

1 Organisation of the Taliari's assemblies

  • Appointment of the clerk for the current assembly
  • Possible appointment of a Taliar and Deputy Taliar

2 Internal affairs

  • The departure of the federal guards: what is their reason, how to secure Fairhaven again?

3 External affairs

  • Appointment of ambassador vacancies
  • Case of Zora's attack with Gooed bombs: point on the case, how to react?
  • Atysian news: Speechs of the Ambassadors

4 Round at the bar offered by the Tryker Federation to the participants at the Assembly.

Ailan Mac'Kean

 [OOC] Saturday, 1 December 20:00:00 UTC (2 weeks to go) [/OOC]

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