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Prima the 13th Folially, 2nd CA of the year 2579.

Upon invitation from Ser Erminantius, Avalae, I went to the gate of Yrkanis where the Duke Rodi Di Varello from the Royal College, in charge of a kitin study group, asked for an official meeting in order to officialy invite the Theocracy to participate to the project, along with the Matis people, as initiator, and Tryker people who already joined the study group.

Therefore, I call the Initiates, Awakened and Sages for a gathering in the agora of Zora on Tria the 3rd Thermis, 2nd CA from the year 2579 to welcome the Kingdom emissaries and discuss with them about this project.

Your ambassador, amongst others,

Fey-Lin Liang


Fey-Lin Liang
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