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”The soft toys factory”

Damn ! I cursed the Brotherhood of the Fortunate Gubani, and the misfortune of that wheel. For days, I had been fooled, fleeced even, by the tryker representative. Yet there I was craving ardently for this yubo plushie. I felt like I would lose till my last dapper.

I'd had this idea to craft myself a replica, but the Brotherhood, for the protection of lacustrian interests, threatened to sue, arguing the free trade agreement of 2516. I sighed while looking at the emblem of the brotherhood, when I had an epiphany. Yubo plushies might be protected by a tryker patent, but it wasn't the case with gubanis and other atysian animals.

So I bought a dagger from Ma So-Suang and left Zora, and headed out into the Cities of Intuition, looking for some soft wood. Then, with a few strokes of my dagger, I carved a small figurine modelled on a gubani.

It was rugged, and children might have been at risk of hurting themselves. I polished the wood and crafted a braid covering with bamboo fibers. I decorated it and cut it to fit snugly on my figurine.

A drop of glue resin to secure the cover, and here was my plushy! Done!

I could already imagine the commercial development of my future empire. The figurine could be used both for decoration in an apartment and as a soft toy for children.

I threw the soft toy in the air, and laughed. I thought that children wouldn't be the only ones to play with it.

The only thing I had to do now was recruit homins and hominas ready to join in the adventure of the "soft toys factory". I had my revenge ready against the Brotherhood of the Fortunate Gubani and its mercantile Trykers!

Speaking about Ryzom Forge


The short story here above comes straight from the new ryzomforge tutorial, which explains how to create atysian soft toys, for everyone's pleasure, and why not also statuettes for apartments. Wishing to see them soon in game.


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so lacuna may finally be able to get dolak plushie???


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Omg! FRIPPOS! How do you do this? How?? :DD

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