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I was wondering if I could apply to help design low level missions for the mainland towns. I know there are some but I was thinking of a dedicated npc who would help players after they leave silan. I am saying this as my experience has been some what wandering around lost as most of the missions available I can not complete as a lower level player.

Main thing would be more crafting and digging missions that are tailored to for a new character who does not have access to many crafting / prospecting plans.

Or if there are more missions available, maybe a better documented path that will help the new player find them.

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Nice Idea Halon,
If you look under forums page/Announcements/#2 Collaborative Project: Ryzom Forge, there seems to be links that you can go to that may answer some of your question about how to get involved. There seems to be a variety of needs from people with different skills.

Also, I'm not sure of the email address, but you can email them and tell them your desire to help and this message of yours :).
Perhaps the community can help me here, but I think its Support@Ryzom.com
Correct me if I'm wrong.

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I like the idea... the welcomer missions are all well and good but without the guidance of a mainland veteran, it's easy to get completely overwhelmed and stuck.
yes there's the whole mainland-isn't-supposed-to-be-easy thing but an NPC that can give missions which run along side the welcomers wouldn't go a miss.

another thing i like, naema, is my candy cane!! :-P


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Thank you Naema, I will take a look. I am working on some of the art assests but mostly frames as I only have a newer version of 3ds max and zbrush. I need to look into a new NeL plugin but just have not had the time to find it or compile it.

And Marceline, I agree that it should be harder but I think a little hand holding would help them adjust to the mainland easier and show them that there is a huge world for them to explore and give them some minor guidance to the other towns and locations to better themselves. (While also giving them some dappers and levels to get more plans)

Silan is really popular in comparison to mainland, I think because of the missions that give direction and objectives that help the player explore the areas around the ranger camp.

Thanks for the response =)

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The welcomer missions in each town give you quite a bit of information and experience within each region (not just the capital city welcomers but all of them). Same for the guard (corporal, sergeant, etc) missions.

The reason Silan missions are popular is because they award XP and items. There are some item award missions on the mailand but no XP award missions. That is a huge disparity between the two areas. I can't remember if the old starter island missions gave XP...or if there even were missions there . . . .


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You are correct, but take pyr for example. (welcomer)I found only 3 I could do because I did not have the plans for the others. I did 2 others for captain and sergeant.

The items are nice but I think the missions could be expanded a bit more but mainly for xp or even mission chains that will guide the new player to train x plan = opens more missions etc.

Helping plan expansion on skill/plan - or grinding locations. There used to be guides available to that helped out but now there is not even a guide section in the forums.

I played a long long time ago and there was a nice "What to do when you hit mainland" guide. I think something like that could be setup in each primary town and expanded on to provide guidance more then anything.
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