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Orphie Dradius sat at her desk in the Rangers Camp in Almati Wood, working on assigning the tasks that various Rangers would need to do. In front of her was a bound book of parchment pages containing the assignments, the names of those assigned to them, and the results.

There was one entry that bothered her greatly. "Deep Scouting Old Lands – Wilk Potskin – Pluvia, 3rd AC 2577 to...". There had been no reports from Wilk for more than a full Jena Year and the last one had been brief, merely saying that he needed more time. Communication was slow from the Old Lands, but for there to be nothing? Orphie frowned.

A young Ranger, Be'daer Maksan, tapped on the frame of the door and came in bearing a small stack of parchments and papers. "These are the latest from the izam flock, ma'am," he said, setting them on the desk.

Orphie looked at the top of the stack: A sealed parchment from Wilk! She broke the seal and read it quickly, with growing concern. "Maksan? Would you ask Melga Folgore and Wuaoi Yai-Zhio to come see me?" There would soon be a need for more Rangers. Wilk had been handling the training, but obviously he wouldn't be back for a while. As soon as the preparations could be made, she would send word out to the aspiring rangers in the New Lands.
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