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Jazzy sent the minutes of the Federal Assembly in Fair Haven to the officials, so that it could be validated and stuck on the pontoons of the the capital.

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Germinally 28, 4th AC 2578 (Monday, June 23rd 2014)

Governor Ailan Mac'Kean presided this assembly.
Were also attending Kard'al Shaley Nara and Locian Wyler, daughter of our icon, Styll Wyler.
Subjects are listed:
- the UFA / FAU (=Unité fédérale Armée / Federal Armed Unit)
- the progress of the Matis project in collaboration with the Trykeri
- the ruin of some trykeri who have joined the maraudeurs recently

The Unit has been introduced to all the tryker communities by its commander, Jazzy.
New volunteers have expressed their wishies to join the FAU in order to defend their lakes.
The governor has officially announced the integration of 3 new members: Eloira, Koolak and Bauz, who have immediately taken their posts as protectors till the end of the meeting.

Matic project:
Mac Cautty Jichy, overseer of the Silt Sculptors tribe, has broken the news of the progress of the nets that have to be build for the capture of a kitin, in order to be able to study it more deeply. The Silt Sculptors are missing the mats for those. They're requesting:
- 300 torbak's horns (Q200 or above)
- 600 choice Fung resins of the Lakes (Q200 or above)
- 600 choice Dzao fibers of the Lakes (Q200 or above)
- 600 spider webs (Q200 or above)
Once these mats have been gathered, Silt Sculptors will start the nets' building.

Trykeri joining marauders:
Jazzy has pointed the slide of some Trykeri who joined the marauders and still takes advantage of the lakes ressources.
A call for watchfullness was uttered and awareness has been requested in our relationships between trykeri.

The meeting ended around a beer barrel with compliements from the Federation.

I'm staying available for any corrections or addition to this minutes if needed.

Jazzy Mac'Plantey,
Commander of FAU
Defender of the Federation
Leader of the guild Bai Nhori Drakani
_________________________________________________________________ _______________________

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