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Dear Players, 

The conversion testing of old apartments (with access from the terminal) to new apartments (with access from the elevators) has just been completed successfully. This will finally allow us to remove the annoying access terminals, as soon has the old type halls are also converted (which will take place as a second step and will be announced beforehand).

ATTENTION! If you have an old type apartment, you will need to convert it to new apartment to access it again, this time by the elevator. To do this, click on "RyzHome" in WebIG home page and follow the instructions. You can choose which city you want to transfer your new apartment to, but not out of its nation of origin. You can of course choose to stay in the same city! 

Note that this transfer will not affect the contents of the inventory of your apartment or your interior design. 

We wish you a good game on Atys, 

Ryzom Team

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