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RyzHome is still in beta version. We thank you for your feedback; it allow us to improve it quickly.

Known issues yet to be fixed :
- It is impossible to see the decoration of an apartment you're visiting if it is not of your race.
- Strange access to old appartments : currently, a player owning an old appartment (requiring a terminal to enter) and who's invited to an old apartment in another town has to go to his own access terminal and not the one of his host to enter it.
- Window for item movement : during the first opening, it shows up at the bottom left of the screen, which makes it quite invisible.
- The function of the displacement button "RESET"  is not clear enough, it will be renamed "SET ON MY POSITION".
- Control bar : the character encoding has to be revised.

Fixed issues:
The translators didn't have access to some of the pages of RyzHome. Having fixed this, the translation are able to, and it will soon be completed.

Issues that cannot be fixed yet :
-  The starting furnitures (bed, table...) are no longer assigned to a single determinated place, as they were before. Howewer, the collision parameters of their original placement will stay because they cannot be removed for now.

Improvements planned for after the end of the beta :
- Only one starting package will be available for purchase
- the event furniture pacakages (Atysmas, etc ...) will be activated. For now, the number of such won packages can be checked with the "ADD" button of the control bar, but it is not possible to add these items yet.

We are currently testing a system supposed to return the old apartments and guild halls to classic ones, with access through the usual lifts and entrances instead of access terminal. There will be a double advantage :
 - removal of the unsightly terminals;
 - removal of the managment issues in RyzHome for the acess to old apartments by invited characters.

In case of failure during the creation of a guild, an error message will now inform you of the cause of this failure (lack of dappers,... etc.) (Will be added during the next server patch.)

The CSR tools have been enhanced :
- Display of information about a character in real time;
- Display of the distribution of connected characters on Atys;
- Improvement of the searching system for player and guild names;
- Improvement of the display of critical command logs.

The Ryzom Team is at your disposal for any further information and we'll see you soon !

Ryzom Team

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