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Poster at the wall of the Academy:

cal i selak!

Not good news today. I am worried and not so happy about what happened in the last assembly. No one came apart from Lyan Cexius and myself. We were, not astonished —due to the last assemblies success— but worried.  

If no one come to the akenos assemblies, and I am talking about pyr, we will never know what our beloved citizens need. Lyan and me talked about this and we thought that maybe there is a reason for malos not coming, something that we ignore due to no one tell us nothing. 

So because of that:

-Why no one come?
-We made something bad? We need to improve something?
-We need to make a less formal assembly? maybe beer on the assemblies?

I will be waiting for your izams. I will read your letter with pleasure to know what akenos assembly of pyr could do to make more patriots come to the meetings.  

And is not the first time I make public my worries, please, answer to my call. 

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