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Ranger Meeting of 17 March 2014

It was a cold winter's day when we gathered in Almati Wood for the meeting. Wilk Potskin had built a fire and all folk gathered around it except a few. Kiwa Lie, of course, started roasting termites and passing them around.

The meeting started with reports on the kitins.

Bittty confirmed his earlier reports of aggressive kitins near the Mounds in the Forest and Jungle.
Yragael confirmed the Jungle, and Kiwalie confirmed both Jungle and Forest.
Kiwalie also pointed out that there is no way to get rid of the kitins in the mounds, more continually appear when they visible ones have been killed. Veriz wore out his armor fighting them. She felt it cannot be left this way, but had no solution to suggest. Yragael noted that the termites are not as pretty as rotoa, but at least they work.

Wilk noted that the easiest way would be to destroy them with termites.

Daomei pointed out that this would produce conflict with the Nobles and the Awakened.
Phoazhu asked how the termites will be gotten rid of after the kitins are gone.
Wilk noted in answer to Phoazhu that the experts know how to bring the numbers down as well as up.
Yragael pointed out that we would need to do tests in the Jungle to be sure of that.
Daomei noted that the desert has termite mounds; in the Lakes the termite mounds disappeared entirely.
Phaozhu pointed out that Forest and jungle don't have goaris.
Damei pointed out the observation that the gibbai and javings are eating the termites, too.

Rangini reported on the termite mound in Hidden Source. He is having predator problems when he gets to 200. He also is having difficulty removing termites. Daomei pointed out that the predator problem is normal, which is why he kept them at 150 in Pyr. Rangini was told to bring them up as high as he can before the predators come. Rangini will try.

Wilk told us that we had gotten praise for our work from Lakes and Desert officials. We still have to deal with the mounds, but the environs of some towns are now safer.

Wilk announced that with that partial success, Orphie Dradius has given permission for another project: Starting the training to prepare for future exploration. Homins going on the first mission will need to learn some skills first.

It was announced that all Ranger aspirants can train them, since they will also be useful to future rangers when the Great Expedition takes place.

Willk said there are still details to prepare and that training would start in a few days. In the training aspirants will learn skills necessary to survive in the Old Lands. How to make a fire, how to gather and prepare food in the wild, how to move according to the fauna. Some tasks will be harder than others. (IRL probably next week – will be announced some days before, and the training will take some time. Wilk will lead the first training.)

There is going to be another task on the preliminary expedition, but details at the moment are not relevant.

Wilk then opened the meeting to questions:

Geyos: Are the strange noises near camp normal? (There was some shouting in the distance between PvPers in Almati.)
Wilk: Drakan members – probably normal. Tryker love affairs imply lots of shouting.

Erminantius raised his hand and asked questions about termites. (He listened carefully to the responses and took notes. )
Erminantius: If I understand correctly how the termites work, once the job is done they die of starvation, right?
Daomei noted that she used potions to control them, but Wilk says that in the end, yes, that's how their number is reduced. Without food the eggs do not do well.
Kiwalie noted that she grills and eats them,
Geyos pointed out that Kiwalie's method is also good at reducing termite numbers.

Erminantius: Their weak constitution does not allow them to move far from the nest, is that correct?
Wilk: Correct – we use a potion to keep them alive while we transport them.
Erminantius: I hadn't gotten your last answer ...Once a mound is infected with the termites, how long until the termites all die.
Wilk asked the experts –
Daomei about 2.5 days IRL So a season in Atys.
Geyos: Twice as long in Avendale, but they were enjoying the beer.
Erminantius: What if the kitins do dig another tunnel in the place the termites were before. Would it be necessary to restart the process?
Daomei: We believe that the tunnels will collapse without a vent to the surface.
Kiwalie the termites eat fast
Erminantius: What if they dig a new tunnel?
Wilk: if they really want to, they can. So yes if there is another invasion we have to start over.
Daomei, but the mounds were a tremendous effort for them, it will not be easy for them to do that.
Erminantius: last question. Do you know why as far as we know the kitins did not settle for long in the lakes and desert?
Peatpom: Because we killed them!
Geyos: And ate them.
Wilk: the termite closings hindered the arrival of new white kitins. It is also possible that there are fewer large roots in Lakes and Desert.

Wilk had a question: Would Erminantius agree to share the results of his research? The rangers are very interested in the work.

Erminantius: Answers yes, he came here with the idea of starting to share, but he has many questions and theories to confrim or invalidate before then.
Erminantius states that Zorroargh will be welcome at the next scientific meeting.

The meeting ended with the usual questions from Wilk and some raucous bantering.

Next meeting is to be held on (7 April 2014)


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