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The following papers are posted in all the usual locations in civilized Atys.

Report on the Ranger Meeting of (24 Feb 2014)

Wilk congratulated termite workers for destruction if mounds in Lakes and desert. Asked for reports.

The first report was from Geyos: Since there was lots of food and no eggs, he just added 200 to 300 termites, then added yellow potion when termites present and did nothing when eggs were present. The potions worked despite the high numbers of termites, and then the mound went to zero food and collapsed into small mounds. Some kitins appeared, but Kiwalie took care of them. There is a residual termite mound alive in the Thesos kitin mound area that is still active but interaction with it provokes kitins so he has left it alone. (As of the time of writing, that termite mound is still there, but has become inactive.)

Daomei added to the account: She added termites to the mound near Dyron and bred them with the yellow potion as did Geyos. In addition she demonstrated the process to the Matis Ambassador Filirae Ozwomen and also to Akenak Lerya and Fyrette Ember, and documented it with some reports to Rangers HQ which were also made public. She mentioned a critical and dangerous condition that appeared near the end, and reported it to Ranger HQ. In the end Malmont Mound collapsed completely and vanished.

Wilk thanked them for their reports on the desert. He then asked Zorroargh and Kiwalie for their report on Lakes.

Zorroargh said they used the same basic method on the Lakes Mounds, but had some surprizes. They tried, out of scientific curiosity, to see how many termites they could achieve thru the manipulation. He managed to get it over 500,000. (He wanted to make a big feast for Kiwalie.) Wilk seemed a bit worried at that many and asked if their growth had been stopped. (Kiwalie said the feast was great: "Yes, yes! We've eaten them!") Zorroargh said destroying the dome afterwards was very dangerous, but with the help of the Federation Army and other helpful homins it was accomplished. At least ten swarms of kitins appeared, spawning quickly and unpredictably. The bar at Avendale suffered damage, but was saved. They were more cautious with the mounds at Crystabell and Windermeer.

Kiwalie had nothing to add other than that the kitins defended their mound fiercely.

Wilk thanked all, and said that there had been some doubts amongst the Rangers that we were suitable candidates. Those doubts have been erased. Plans will now progress faster to allow us to train.

However, he said, the work is not completely done.

First, about the recent large scale kitin attacks. The observation camps and observant homins spotted them, and they were cut off. He noted with approval that most of us fought in the conflicts. He noted that there is an expectation of an attack in Witherings as well and that we should stay aware.

Thence to the second problem: There are still kitin mounds in Forest and Jungle. And the problem is not the mounds but the kitins that come from them. The Rotoas seem to work at the moment.

Wilk gave the assembled homins new missions – Sharleen and Rangini will continue to care for the mound in Hidden Source and the rest of us should keep an eye on the mounds in Forest ( and later in Witherings I am sure) to be sure that the Rotoa continue to work. There might be kitins attacks as there were with the collapsing of the tunnels in Desert and Lakes.

Kiwalie asked if the Matis wouldn't take offense at our keeping watch. Bittty pointed out that we don't need to put up a big sign saying "we're watching." Wilk pointed out that we dig and hunt in the regions. We can keep an eye out at the same time. Wilk is worried that Matis pride might not allow them to admit if things were failing.

Bitty pointed out that we should keep watch in the areas near the termite-destroyed mounds too. Pride is a blade that cuts with both edges. There was general agreement.

Wilk ended his discussion and asked for other questions.

Rangini had one: First, in Hidden Source, the yellow potions sometimes fail to work so it is difficult to maintain stable populations. Second, if there are more than 280 eggs the predators swarm. Last, he cannot remove any termites. Daomei says she was having problems with the yellow potions as well. Wilk noted that this behavior is the same as other mounds, and Rangini will have to wait for permission to remove termites.

Daomei asked when the preparation for the scouting expedition would be ready, just roughly. Wilk paused for a long time before he spoke. He would like to settle things with kitins in the New Lands before sending people outside, especially when so many of the scouting expedition are also termites experts. (OOC: A couple of weeks IRL after kitin mound event is finished.)

Wilk then called upon Geyos.
This is the English translated and normalized version of a multilingual conversation about a continuing joke at Ranger Meetings. If, like Peatpom, you do not understand it, check some of the records of previous meetings. I present it here for the edification of some of the regulars who were not present. – Bittty
Geyos says : This time I'm not gonna speak about Daeronn.
Kiwalie expects the worst
Geyos : I've heard about a strange scientist named something Cegrips. He claims to have passionate story about the Fraiders.
Geyos : Do you have, by any chance, heard of him ?
Zorroargh bursts into laughter
Kiwalie also bursts into laughter
Daomei grins
Bitttymacod broadly smiles.
Geyos says : He's like the Fraiders : not very well known, but people knowing them say they are lovely people, and there isn't nothing better than a good old' story of Fraiders around a campfire with some shooki ale.
Peatpom doesn't understand
Zorroargh rubs his tears of laughter and looks at Peatpom, astonished.
Peatpom frowns
Wilk Potskin : No, I have no news about him, sorry.
Wilk Potskin : Try to search for a Fraider expert, it might help to communicate with them.
Wilk Potskin mumbles : rrrRRrrr
Geyos : Well, I understand them, it's prrrrrRrety easy to speak to Zrrruul
Wilk Potskin coughs
Daomei has a story about them she'll translate and tell some day
Wilk Potskin says : Zrrruul is a nice guy... well Fraider at least
Geyos says : Very nice, indeed. Just a little rrrrough

Bittty asked about the continuing presence of the pods of white kitins and Furious white kitins in Lakes and Desert. Wilk said that they are the last few larvae hatching and should be gone soon. Bittty vowed to continue his hunting.

Daomei asked about the reappearance of the Kitin Patrols in Underspring. Is this a general behaviour? She had always assumed that KP were missing from Prime Roots due to the invasion of the surface and now that they are denied the surface, they will resume in the depths.

Wilk said yes and they probably will return to Kitin Lair as well.

Deprayken has a question too: He looted some materials from the worker kipees – is it supposed to be turned in anywhere? Wilk perhaps – he will ask.

The next meeting is set for (17 March 2014).

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(*) This statement is contested, but we are certainly the longest lasting.
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