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Daomei sends Izams to the court, Karan's advisors, the Chamber of Nobles, and the body of Matis Ambassadors

Deles silam, Oren Atys their Majesties, Serae, Filae.

Filae Ozwomen informed us during the last Assembly of the Atys Rangers that it is the Karan's desire that Matis Ambassadors observe the ongoing work of the Rangers in the Lakelands and the Burning Desert to destroy kitin mounds using termites.

Cognizant and utterly grateful for the Karan's support for the Ranger's work in the past, even against internal objections and opposition, it is not only a duty, but an honor and a pleasure for us to invite representatives of the Kingdom of the Verdant Heights to inspect our activities.

Our work started short after begin of spring in first cycle of the year of Jena 2577, and is showing steady progress, since. Kindly have a look at attached report to the Rangers' headquarters

Preliminary report on the Rangers' work to destroy the Kitin Mounds

We welcome Matis nobles, vassals, and ambassadors in particular to observe our work and will be happy to explain every of our steps. We recommend, though, to appear in good armor and weaponry as it may prove necessary to defend against adverse creatures of high strength. We even cannot exclude that the kitins get aware of what we are doing and will certainly not be amused.

Deles necat, for all of Atys

Daomei Lin Carthan
Rangers' Termite Expert

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