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Lerya put a poster at the Academy:

In the last assembly Lyan Cexius bring us great news. Sharükos Lykos was proud about us. We made a great work cleaning those mounds. 

He also allowed to the Rangers to begin the work to destroy them here in our lands. During the assembly and Izam bring me a letter from a Ranger, told me that Rangers will start to put termites in the mounds of Malmont and the one at east of the Running Ridge camp. Since the mounds are far from cities they don´t expect inmediate danger, but they are at the initial stages so maybe a larger number of predators and probably strong ones appear. So be careful in the following days.

Lykos also have other message for us. In order to more efficiently organize the lands and to be sure that dangers are reported promptly and the relations with the tribes of this lands are maintained in good order and cordiallity, therefore the Akenak Assemblies are given supervisory control and management to portions of the lands under his rule. Specially the Lands of Imperial Dunes and Oflovak´s Oasis are given to the Assembly of Pyr. It will be the task of the akenaks to decide what is to be done, but the sharük is confident that they will keep their faith to the Empire. 

Now the pyr akenos we manage those Lands to. I will give you more information soon.

And apart from our beloved sharükos messages, we talk about a problem that a patriot noticed to me few days ago. She spoted some marauders walking down Thesos, without guards doing nothing. Someone present in the assembly told us that same happened in other nations. Lyan Cexius was worried about this and take a note to report this topic to the higher levels. Lyan too, and me aswell, advice to the homins present in the assembly not to kill marauders unless they are inside our cities and behaving agressively.

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