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Neatly trimmed and written pieces of paper are posted in the usual locations around the civilized portions of Atys.

Report on the Ranger meeting of (6 Feb 2014)

What started as a small group rapidly expanded as various other martial activities wrapped up.

Wilk started the meeting after a brief wait.

Wilk announced the result of the Tryker pushback against the kitins. The lands of Aeden Aqueous are free, for now. Bitty noted white kitins in WoM were still there, and Wilk responded that the attack had weakened them but they are already coming back.

This is why the termite experts were trained (At this statement, Kiwalie noted that the increased supply for cookies was important, too.) It is time to close the mounds, at least in the Lakes.

Daomei asked: Not the desert as well?

Wilk noted that the Fyros are planning an attack in the desert, so we should wait for them to weaken the kitins there. (Added after the meeting: The Fyros efforts to clear their land were successful.)

Wilk noted that people have tested extraction of termites. Geyos and Daomei reported success, but with only one active mound in each region there may be problems in production. The termites are fragile when being transported in the sawdust.

Wilk insisted that "we will test with only one kitin mound at first." He also stated that the first trials would be with only one termite mound as well and suggested working with the kitin mound closest to the termite mound. (Note added: That would be the mound close to Fairhaven.)

Wilk said that Ardan Keale's research showed that the termites should react to being placed in the kitin mound by behaving as they do in a regular mound (only larger, of course).

Bittty asked the obvious question about feeding potions to the kitin mounds.

Wilk answered that such would be a good idea in order to rapidly grow the termites that get transferred to the mounds.

Wilk adds several remarks:

Large numbers of termites brought termite predators (goaris) in the tests on the termite mounds in the Lakes and we can expect that again.

Kiwalie noted that there might be even more, since the mounds are larger. Wilk noted that since we are trying to increase the numbers there might be even more predators and more deadly. Therefore there will need to be homins to fight the predators so that they do not eat up the termites.

When we are working on kitins mounds Wilk advised us to notify other homins nearby since the kitin mound area might become a dangerous place.

In his last note on the kitins mounds, at least the Tryker one. Giant drillers make parts of the bark very unstable, due to all the activity in the Lakes the last couple of days, we are asked to wait a bit. (OOC: The event will start to be run on the 7th. Additional note: There were problems but it should be ready either tonight (10/11th) or the next day.)

Rangini then stood and spoke with news from his work on the termite mound in Hidden Source.
He first increased the amount of termites as intended. After they increased to around 300 they fell back to 10 10 180.

Daomei interjected: That is the predator phenomenon.

Then 4 gibbais and 4 javings showed up, and the gibbais first attacked him but then killed the javings. After that, two gibbais left, then the other two attacked him and he slew them.

Then he raised the number of termites again and the same thing happened. He reported that the termite mound is now at 10 10 100, the javings are dead again and two gibbais are still there, but this time Rangini spared them.

Daomei asked how strong the gibbai and javings were and noted that the Gibbads tribe in jungle likes to eat termites. (The level was 170) Kiwalie noted that the presence of predators should also reassure the Matis.

Wilk asked Rangini to try to keep the termites numbers high, but below the level that causes the predators to come. Rangini asked if he should kill the gibbai first. Wilk said that it is generally not a good practice for Rangers to kill primitives but he should do so to protect the termites. (This correspondent notes that it's self defense if the primitives attack us.)

Following Rangini's report the meeting switched back to the topic of the kitin mounds.

Kiwalie asked if we should bring termites to the kitin mounds as much as possible? Wilk said yes.

Ozwomenm as Matis Ambassador, wants to watch the work. Daomei says she should come armed. Daomei further noted that since we are working in public we should welcome all observers. She then asked Wilk if the requirement to notify the local authorities meant that we had to wait for one of them to show up. Wilk said that of course we should notify them beforehand but that actual presence was not necessary. He further implied that we should let people know about potentially good hunting.

Geyos asked his usual question about Daeronn. Any news of him or his fraider story? Wilk answers, as usual, in the negative.

There will not be another meeting before work is started on the Fyros mounds. Wilk will just notify Geyos and Daomei when they can start.

Next meeting is scheduled for 24 February.

Mac'Od Bittty

Seal of the Guild of Scribes of Fairhaven

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