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Report on the Ranger Assembly of 13 January 2014

The crowd of usual suspects assembled at the time designated, greeted Wilk Potskin when he arrived, then waited for a few more homins to finish slaughtering various beasts in the New Lands. Finally the meeting started with Wilk announcing that he had news to share.

The first news was that Melga Folgore was pleased by the interest in the Rangers and the questions people asked him at an impromptu meeting. Wilk will be adding some details later at Melga's request.
Wilk reported that the Karan had put out a call to talk to Nobles about the termites. The Rangers had answered questions that the Matis court had asked. Wilk thought that the meeting was good because it means they are as interested in solutions as we are. (In this reporter's opinion Wilk is overly optimistic when he interprets the involvement of the Karan as involvement "with the Matis people".)
Wilk reported that there were still Nobles completely against the termite project. It may be too soon to draw any conclusion but things are headed back to normal. That's all for the diplomatic issues.
Naema asked: Are you aware that the King has limited experiments on termites only to the Hidden Source region?
Wilk: Yes. He also gave explicit conditions for the experiments.

Wilk then called for the termite expert reports.
Rangini reported: The termite mound did not respond for a long time, so he could not check it as much as he wanted. Sometimes it disappeared. Not all potions worked , but about every third time it worked as expected. (ooc: bug) He left it just before the meeting with numbers 28 152 88 nearly constant. Larvae oscillate between 128 > 144 but that should change in about 2 cycles. No anomalous aggressive mobs appeared at the mound in Hidden Source.
Wilk: Well done in such a short time frame
Kiwalie expressed an interest in harvesting from Rangini's mound. There was general amusement.
Wilk asked: Do you think you could manage to remove some termites from the mound and still achieve/grow it back to a stable population? Rangini said he thinks so but wants to know how many he should take out.
Wilk will explain.
First he congratulated all termite experts for their work – growing phase has been achieved.
Then he said it is now time for the second part of the plan: To remove termites from the termite mounds to bring them to the Kitin mounds.
Wilk said that Daeronn (Cegrips) and Ardan (Keale) found a way to transport them using sawdust. It's a specially modified sawdust – he doesn't know the details. But the Ranger (Rangers) in camp will have the modified sawdust in a few days.
We have to do this second part in Lakes and Desert only of course. We will keep the Matis mound continuing to maintain a stable population and not remove termites. Rangini noted that if he had a Yubo pouch he would move the entire mound.
However, the Rangers' stocks are low on sawdust. So it's going to be time to dig some... so the experts can transport termites. Ardan and Daeronn assume 2000 termites per mound, and says that a handful of modified dust should be enough to transport 100 termites. So 1000 units of sawdust should suffice.
Rangini asks: dry or wet?
Daomei adds: and of what quality?
Wilk says that "dry" and any grade will do since it needs to be modified anyway.

Wilk said that we should take care that we don't achieve too high a concentration of termites on any kitin mound. The matter of attacking them is still under discussion. And the kitins might attack and the termite eater beasts might swarm as well.

Several of those present started looking to their weapons with apparent glee.

In addition the area of the mounds might become dangerous for refugees, so we should act responsibly. As soon as we spot dangerous things (lots of kitins or an aggressive swarm) we should give the alert as fast as we can. Do not do experiments alone! Be sure to know the local official contact of the area and tell them before starting. ((ooc: Ask Ranger compagnons to find out which players are local Taliari/Akenak – i.e. bring it before regional councils.))

We should start the experiments with mounds furthest from the towns. Homin safety is a priority.

Kiwalie is more concerned about the fact that this will be removing termites that she's been using for cookies.
Daomei: Question, What is the nature of the termites we will bring to the mounds? Are they infertile workers or are they breeding samples?
Wilk: the modification to the sawdust has something to do with that. He will consult with Daeronn and Ardan to be sure.

Geyos: You saw Daeronn recently??
Wilk: yes, when I saw the modified sawdust.
Geyos: Perhaps he said something about a fraider tale?
Wilk: No, there was a stupid fireworks story, a new kitin evolution theory, and a joke about fyros homines bites marks. (This last got a call of, "I want to know everything !!!" from Kiwalie.)

Rangini: How much should I lower the amount of termites before I pull out some for the second part?
Wilk: Don't. Try to keep the population up and stable.
Naema asked: Is HS the only place these termites are being taken from and used? Wilk:There was a legitimate concern about transport through Forest, so Hidden Source will not be used.
Rangini was thinking to move them via teleporter pact. Wilk says termites don't do well that way, and that they commit suicide near vortexes. (ooc: i.e. transport will be by running or maybe we just lose some going thru a vortex). Daomei points out it's a natural barrier to spread of termites. Zorroargh says that he has been saying for a long time that the termites were fragile but nobody ever listens to him...
Rangini is asking if he was mistaken that he could use termites from his hill in Desert or lakes after talking with officials.). Yes he was mistaken. Two problems: first they might not survive the travel to the far lands, second diplomatic problems of Forest termites in other lands. (There might also be the matter that teleportation only works for homins but that's just the theory of this reporter.)
That was the end of termites section of the meeting. Ranger Rangers will accept sawdust and give mod sawdust in a few (IRL) days.

Next was Question Time:
**Who killed kitins?: Bittty, Daomei, Diwu, Rangini, Sharleen, Krill, Veriz, Kiwalie, Naema, Djiper, Zorroargh (a little), and others not present at the meeting.
**Who helped construct camps?: Naema, Bitttymacod, Daomei, Diwu, Rangini, Djiper, Krill, Depyraken, Kiwalie, Kiwalie added: the 'Fédération du commerce' also, every day
**Who discussed Ranger problems with homins not in the meeting: some answered, Zorro, Krill, Daomei and Diwu. Some had been unaware that they were supposed to.

Wilk then brought up the scouting expedition to the Old Lands.
Wilk: As Melga said, we are preparing ourselves to start this mission. First priority is dealing with the termites, then we scout, but preparations are underway.
Wilk: One of the questions to Melga was: Is the expedition dangerous? Short answer: yes. We will not know how dangerous until we actually are there.

You are not well versed in scouting in the Old Lands, so here are some details about the differences between living in the New Lands and surviving in the Old lands: The Powers supports are randomly scattered and most of them do not have Powers supports. There is no teleport of course. There is a chance you will not be revived anywhere near the location you died. (This reporter wonders if the Kami and Karavan have completely abandoned the Old Lands as far as representatives – are they low on resources to monitor or minister to hominity?)

Once the expedition starts there will be no way to come back to the Almati camp and rejoin the expedition later. Those on the expedition will be forced to keep up with the expedition from when they wake to when they sleep. So it will be dangerous.

Before the start we will make sure we transport enough material to build a small camp, We will not be able to scout if we do not rely on a camp as a central base for further actions. The camp location has already been decided, and it will take some time to build the camp. From there we scout as much as we can until we have to go back.

Wilk then asked if there were any other questions about the scout expedition.
Djiper: Should we prepare any specific personal equipment?
Wilk: We will give you a list of what to bring with you, but you'd better bring the tools you are the best accustomed to. Light clothes to travel, good armor to fight and your best weapons to kill kitins.
Daomei: My best HA is bulky. Will we need picks?
Wilk: only the scientist and the cartographer will need picks.
Zorroargh: and amps for healing
Wilk: Of course! Be prepared for the worst. It could be what we encounter.
Djiper: Will we need crafting tools?
Wilk: You can bring tools you own, but we will make sure we provide enough of them before departing.
Daomei: What about ranged weapons?
Wilk: not with AoE. We are a scouting expedition not a destruction party. Further we don't know what materials we will find, so they risk becoming useless.
Naema: Who gets to go?
Wilk: The carefully selected volunteers announced at the last meeting.

The meeting was closed and the date of the next meeting not set.


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